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Now Starting for the Chicago Blackhawks.. Michael Jordan!?

  • GearHead
  • Duane Munn
  • June 1, 2010, 4:04 PM

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How hockey-crazy has the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup run driven hometown fans?

Hockey-crazy enough that the boys and girls at Chicago's United Center recently draped a Jonathan Toews Blackhawks jersey over the Michael Jordan statue in front of the building!

Pretty cool, no? 

Although... I've gotta say:

Jordan wearing #23 > Jordan wearing #19

What do you guys think? Weigh in (and check out more pics of Jordan's new jersey) after the jump.


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what the heck! Why is m.j playing for blackhawks?! M.J is crazy but cool. Does he even know how to skate? This can't be true! Get me outa here people or I'll faint! M.j might be like Deon sanders.

who eva made dis is crazy!!!!!!!!:) hahaha

You sound like Mike Ditka

pretty awesome!! love the skates on his shoes.

thats hilarius

Chicago will win game six 4-1 go hawks the cup is yours!!!!!!!!!!!!

hawks rule game six is ours flyers cany win and leighton cant play goalie to save his life game 6 chicago 4 flyers 1


LOL he plays it all!
baseball and now hockey!!

ha ha ha!!! :D

hag loos

hockeymouse4 the flyers will lose

blackhawks will when the stanley cup no doubt about it

go blackhawks

flyers will win in 7

hawks will win in game six and kill the flyers like in game 5 score chicago 4 flyers 1

no way

what are those faces carved beneth him?

This should be the funny photo.

So cool!!!!!

i know

If I didn't know better I'd say this was photoshopped...

I've seen it for real

oh gotcha.

i thought it was photoshopped too the first time someone showed me the pic. that's why i posted the blown up photos after the jump.

I think it looks SUPER AWESOME! Imagine if Jordan joined this team?! They would win six straight Stanley Cups!!!! GO HAWKS!!!!

Signing off,


flyers all day

LOL! wow who did it? gutsy... would be funny if... never mind.

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