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Ozzie Guillen Is a Mean-Mean Man-ager...

Click the "More" tab to see what Guillen wrote on the OTHER side of the ball!Courtesy of the Dan LeBatard Show

...but this story's still pretty funny.

Before he was ejected during the second inning of a 5-4 White Sox victory over the Cleveland Indians on Wednesday, Ozzie Guillen decided to have some fun at the city of Cleveland's expense.

Warning: Cleveland sports fans should turn away now...

What'd he do?

He took a baseball, signed both sides (side one is on the right), and tossed it to a Cleveland fan in the stands. According to the Dan LeBatard show (where the story was first reported), the fan might've taken issue to what was written (if you've been following the LeBron James sweepstakes, you can understand why).

But wait... it gets WORSE!

Don't believe me? Then check below to see what Guillen wrote on the other side of the baseball.

So here's my question for you guys: was this a great joke on Guillen's part? Or is he mean-spirited meat-head? Weigh in!

PS - For what it's worth, when asked about the incident after the game, Guillen said he threw the ball to a friend.

PPS - *Insert skeptical smiley >:/*

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Well, Ozzie. If you can't say anything bad about Raul and Fidel, don't say it to the Cuban-Americans. :( Keep your words on your lips, Mr. Guillen. Some words of advice.

i got soo much money/....../lol


why does sikids doesn't have fantsy any more. r thay scared that i might win all the time because i went unafeated in football.

he is crazy.

This is epic. Way to go Ozzie.


Wow... seriously! He won the World Series in 2005. THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uhh... checck Your history, lion. they won it in 05

Um, check your history dude. Guillen won the 2006 World Series.

I'm a cavaliers fan so Ozzie shouldn't haver done that and i'm sure that Lebron accomplished way more then Ozzie did

I am a Celtics fan and a Cavs fan (Mostly LeBron or as I call him Bron-Bron) i will be happy if the celts win but i wanted Bron-Bron to get a title :(

the Cavs stink and the celtics beat them. In your face!

Ozzie is a jealous idiot what has he won anyway. Screw Ozzie

Thats just Ozzie being Ozzie. He's a great manager and loves the sport of baseball. Don't go bad-mouthing him just because you're a cleveland fan or because you think he's stupid. Think how long he played and how long he's coached. He is extremely dedicated. Go Sox!

Are you just saying that because you like the Sox?

It's one thing to say LeBron is going to leave Cleavland, a lot of sports brodcasters and officials and reporters have said that lately.But he has won far more awards than ozzie in his career. So yea Ozzie has been criticized for just about everthing lately but this one is kind of too far. I mean seriously LeBron and him are both respected in the sports world, but that was kinda rude. Does that mean Ozzie should be called out for every action? No. But he has to start watching what he says or in this case writes. He is being watched closey now so... Good Luck to LeBron and all the other free agents. I <3 yankees!

Hey Dmunn, when do we find out who the new Kid Reporters are?

sorry i ment selfish

@dmunn:My tennis t-shirt contest votes aren't counting,

i think by doing it in Cleveland he took it to far. he could do it in Chicago pass it to a guy with a white sox jersey. still it was funny!!

i think by doing it in Cleveland he took it to far. he could do it in Chicago pass it to a guy with a white sox jersey. still it was funny!!

That's funny! Can't Ozzie do anything fun without being critisized?!

That is really funny Ozzie. I hate the soxs though. And I also like LeBRON. Still funny!!!!!!!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! I cannot believe he's still in Chicago, if I were commishiner, I'd ban Ozzie from baseball FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QC5, only if he stops having fun at other's expense.

Ozzie's a jerk, BOO SOX!!!!!

Hanley for MVP (when the machine retires)=)

Actually, that's just Ozzie. Guillen has that type of attitude towards baseball. He thinks that baseball should be fun, so he makes it fun (funny too). Youll see him throw a fit on the field while arguing a play, but usually, it's because he's correct (c'mon, can't say you've never seen a sox game before!). Ozzie is just being himself, and the team and fans just love it. GOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

agree basketballscorer53

What is really funny about this is that Ozzie probably can't even make a ten-foot jumper. He's not a basketball guy and shouldn't be criticizing one of the greatest players of all time.

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