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Super Mario Speaks!

Every sport has a super star that shines brighter than the rest. In the world of basketball, it's LeBron James. In the world of football, it's Peyton Manning. In the world of baseball, it's Albert Pujols. When you shift gears and head into the world of video games, however, one name stands above all others, and that name is Mario.

The prolific plumber has been working his tail off for over 25 years. Now he's out with a new game, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us...and we got to record his answers! Keep reading to HEAR Mario SPEAK about working out, fighting with your siblings, eating spaghetti and meatballs and more! Just press the red play buttons below!

And if you are wondering what all of that background noise is, we met up with Mario at a party for his new game, so there was a lot of loud music and excited people hanging around as we talked. Mario can't go anywhere without a party breaking out!

UPDATE: Did you know that Super Mario Bros. Wii is up for the "Choice Game" award at this year's Teen Choice Awards? No, well now you know! Be sure to visit and vote everyone's favorite plumber into the #1 spot In your new game, you find yourself meandering through different galaxies to save the Princess. What's the most inconvenient thing about space travel? 

What's your favorite new weapon from Super Mario Galaxy 2? 

You've been saving the Princess for over 25 years now, do you ever get any time to relax?

Is Yoshi messy?

How do you keep your hat on with all of the jumping around you do?

A lot of siblings fight with each other - does Luigi ever get on your nerves?

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They need the game but Mario still rock!!!!!!!!!

you rock mario


I've had that game for a year now. As Mario would say , "It's-a-super-duper fun". That inerview is really funny, too!

Why is this thing so slow!

I can speak a lot like mario!Who has a nintendo Dsi that is connected to the inernet?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im so excided Im 8 and I just membered up right now!

man this stuff aint working yall need to fix this stuff cause i really love to play mario so pleas fix this thanks but antway

did you know that the voice of mario is an old man? video:

stop talking about mario! He's dead from bowser and peach!

Wats up im going to make a blog sharing news & qestions starting wen i come back ;)

The Super Mario of football is Drew Brees, the best QB in the history of the worlds. Plus, the Super Mario of basketball is D-Will. They are the best ever!!!!!

i think this is so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i love mario

You too Oh my God but your from may!? (Frownnnie Frown)!*And Mario complains to bowser and peach!Ta-do-to-d-to-da-to!Mamma-Me-A!*

mama mia

ive been to that level up there in that pic

thats cool!! :D
ps is that really the voice of him talking? or is it someone else?

I saw a video of the "behind the scenes" voice character for Mario. Pretty cool guy! Very talented!

i think it is real this sounds the same: p.s he's an old man!

i think its prety cool but RELLY, HE IS FAKE

Of course its Mario! He's impossible to fake.

no cartoons cant talk

Come on guys, give us some credit! Mario was on tour to promote his new game and said he'd talk to us. Trust me, if it was one of us faking the Mario voice, you would definitely be able to tell! We would sound horrible! So trust us, nothing but the real Mario here. Hope you enjoyed it!

im pretty sure its the computers animated voice, not the real mario. (:


it has to be him i mean come on do you really think si kids would fake the voice of the most popular video game voice of all time also im not tring to be pushy ;)

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