Sarah Braunstein

The Stinky Five (May 21)

The American League is super stinky this week. Here are the five teams getting stinkified shoutouts right before interleague action starts this weekend...

1. Baltimore Orioles
The stinkiest team of the week is also the stinkiest team of the season. Their 13 wins are the fewest of any team, they’ve allowed the 7th most runs and not one of the team’s starters has a winning record.

2. Cleveland Indians
As if watching the Cavs lose wasn’t bad enough, Clevelanders have to deal with a terrible baseball team too. The Indians are hitting just .246 as a team and have lost six of their last 10.

3. Milwaukee Brewers
The Brew Crew are 1-9 in their last 10 games. During that stretch they scored just 35 runs while giving up 71. Normally two for one is a good deal. But in baseball it’s a trend you want to avoid. Are you taking notes Brewers?

4. New York Yankees
The Yankees are on a three game losing streak and have lost four of five this week. In the last five games both Joba Chamberlain and Mariano Rivera have blown leads, while A.J. Burnett and Andy Pettitte have turned in their wrost starts of the season.

5. Minnesota Twins
The Twinkies lost their hold on first place thanks to some seriously cold bats this week. No team posted a lower batting average in the last week than Minnesota’s .237.

Like my picks? Think I missed a super stinky team? Hit the comments and let me know.

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I think that since the twins catcher got injured that they won't have a good season. I don't think the Yankees are a bad team through.

Yanks dont belong on this list! Heres my list,1.Oriles 2.Mairners 3.princess feilder of the Brewers 4.Cubs 5. D-Backs
And I'm a D-backs fan!

you're way(WAY) off, Brain. here's my list:1.Twins (gotta love 'em anyway!)2. Orioles(when will they be good again?)3.Mariners(the only good part is Ichiro)4.Diamondbacks(all but Upton need to improve)5.Nationals(why won't they start Strasburg more?)
what were the Yankees doing on the list? I hate them, but they're to good for that list.

I still don't understand how the worst team, the Orioles beat my team, the Nationals.

hey, i thought ypou said that they were amircan league teams. The Brewers are not in the american league. FYI the Yankees do not belong there in my list. here is my list the right way and you can say why: 1. Baltamore Oroials 2. Clevland Indians 3. Red Sox 4. White Sox 5.Seattle Mariners. Now there is a good list

WHY are the Yanks on this list. they r one of the most amazing teams in b-ball! I could name like 15 more teams that are wurst than the Yanks. D baks, red SUCKS, u name it! the Yanks r amazin!

EXACTLY!!! I am a HUGE Yankee fan and I am SHOCKED to see the Yankees on this list! Sure you have a 3 game lose streak, but now you just beat the Phillies today 8-3. You lead the American League Eastern Division. BURN! Oh, and the Brewers are in the NATIONAL league. And SportsBro36, feel free to be one of my friends.

marinars should be on it!

Does anyone like the Cardianls? Why does everyone like the cubs? are you a cards or a cubs.

If you're a dodger fan you have to respond. What an amazing recovery. at the very begining, they were dead last. BEHIND THE D BACKS!!!!! then, a win came along. then another, another, and another, all the way to nine. now all of a sudden, they are a game behind the padres. bullpen went from no chance to red hot. even though our captain clutch is injured (Andre Ethier) they are still winning. when they come back, be ready for three titles in a row.

That's a good point, but they were totally underachieving for a team of their caliber. I mean, with players like Billingsly, Kershaw, Broxton, Martin, Loney, Furcal, Kemp, Ethier, and good Manny (plus the fact that they play in the horrible NL west) they should be waaaaaay ahead of everyone not only in the west but the whole NL (exept the Phillies, go Doc!!!)

Hanley for MVP (when the machine retires) =)

you mean go Red Soxs!!!

you mean go Red Soxs!!!!!

The Twins Rock and do not deserve to be put anywhere near "the stinky list"! The Twins may not be doing as well as before but Joe Mauer has been injured! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!

pic as in picture... just and fyi...

i like the pic up there. funny! :D

Arizona D-backs stink. Go Rockies.

d-backs dont stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smart guy



you mean go RedSoxs

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