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Nike Trainer SC 2010 Premium "Baseball Glove"

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  • Duane Munn
  • April 27, 2010, 4:17 PM

Images Courtesy of SneakerNews

What do you get when you combine the classic look of the Nike Trainer SC with a fresh coat of "Baseball Glove"-flavored paint?

You get a shoe befitting the one-and-only Bo Jackson. Aka, the sneakers you see here.

The SC 2010's, created to honor Jackson's days as a homerun-mashing force of nature (as well as the "Bo Knows..." commercials the sneakers inspired... check near the ankle if you don't believe me!), go on sale next month... but you can pre-order a pair now by visiting Eastbay.

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i like those shoes but i wouldn't wear dem!!!!!!!:)

The shoes shown here is looking very nice. But I don't think that it can be used in playing base ball. Because it looks very fancy. I think for game Adidas, Nike shoes and Clarks Shoes can be useful if anybody is looking for the sports shoes.

Base ball is one of really very interesting game.When I was in my school I often have been played baseball with my friend.In that time I never think about special shoes about baseball.Nike Trainer SC is one of awesome design.what most attractive in these shoes are their color really like a chocolate.

They look Awesome! :)

reminds me of chocolate.

yeah, like dark and milk (and maybe white) chocolate...

They look like hiking shoes.

total ditto!

it looks like a golf shoe or a s'more. :)

oops to my other comment, the question should be who is bo jackson and what did he do. and why is "bo knows" on there? whats it supposed to mean?

I couldn't agree more

but then why does the shoe look like a baseball glove, if thats not all he played?

close. but bo didnt win a world series or a super bowl. he is, however, the greatest professional two-sport athlete in the history of two-sport athletes. go to youtube and search for "bo jackson oakland raiders". then search "bo jackson kansas city royals". you'll see.

BoJak is the first athlete in history to win both a World Series and Super Bowl. You're welcome.

on the 2nd pic it looks like there is a face.
ps-who is bo king and what did he do? thx to whoever can answer me! :D

oops i mean the 3rd pic down (including the top one), so second to last

Everyone calls me that at school from the old commercials. Bo knows baseball and football then when it comes to shoes Bo don't know Diddily.

those are kinda ugly black brown and white mixed together GROSS!!!! who would wear those no offense to people who would just sayin

lol dmunn

i'd wear em. once a day, mon-fri, and then twice on sunday. but that's just me. :)

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