Sarah Braunstein

Way Too Early for All-Star Voting

Today is April 22. Baseball season is less than three weeks old. Yet MLB has already launched the online All Star ballot.


How ridiculous is it that All-Star voting begins this early? Well, just look at some of the guys who would deserve to make the team if the game happened today.

Your starting second baseman for the National League All Stars wouldn’t be Chase Utley. It would be Casey McGehee of the Milwaukee Brewers.

In left field for the American League team you wouldn’t find Carl Crawford or Juan Rivera. Nope, that position would be manned by Scott Podsednik of the Kansas City Royals.

Call me crazy if you want, but I don’t think that Ivan Rodriguez is going to hit .444 for the rest of the season or that Dan Uggla and Albert Pujols will continue to drive in the same number of runs.

If fans are actually supposed to vote for All Stars based on how they perform, and not on which players are popular, it makes no sense for voting to start only three weeks after the season begins.

Unless of course you think Mike Pelfrey and Casey Jansenn are actually going to be the starting pitchers for the two leagues. In that case, let the voting begin!

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One thing is almost certain. If Ubaldo Jimenez keeps pitching like he has been, he will be the starting pitcher for the N.L.

To Zinger and Qb: I don't like the Yanks but I can't say Cano isn't all-star worthy! 12 homers and .356 batting adverage! Holy Cow!

I want a vote! Reply Cubs if you like the Cubs better than the brewers. And rep;y Brewers if you like the Brewers better than the Cubs.

GO BRAUN!GO PRINCE! Prince Fielder won the Home Run Derby last year. And Braun has a .312 batting adverage and 8 homers!



why would want to start all star voteing when some of the better players are still on the dl from last year?!?!?!

thats really dumb it took me a minute to understand it LOL:)

It took me 3 hours lol just kidding it took me 10 mins.

that's dumb

id like to c som1 get the most ballots then not even b good enough

its pretty bad to release the ballots now cause nobody knows many all-star people

Prince Fielder is two a canidate for the all-star game! Brewers Rock!

you cant say that prince fielder is an all-star now.

I tottaly agree with BasketballAthlete358. Sure there are good players now but that is only now. Some players like A-Rod and Ortiz havent hit their skill streak and some peple may just be having luck.

Roy Halladay is the best!!!!!

Pedroia has to make it!

I'm sorry Linebacker but I'd take Cano over Pedroia anyday!

no knot at all

I like Scott Kazmir!

We're in April, not July, some pitchers may be batting 1.000, I don't consider voting until late June early July.

This is certainly too early to tell. I was just on the phillies website yesterday and I saw that on the home page. I usually don't like voting for another teams player, but in time there will be players on the phils that I know don't deserve a spot.

To Zinger: Robinson Cano is my favorite player! He is so athletic and he doesn't get enough respect for it.

I'm a Yankee fan so I vote for the Yankee's players even though players like Robinson Cano don't deserve it!

yeah any one of them could take a turn for the worst and play bad l8r in the season.

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