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Magic Wii Remote Charging Pad: Not Magic At All, But Still Cool-Looking

Fact: The Wii remote eats through AA batteries quicker than a defensive lineman eats through a training-camp buffet. 

Plenty of Wii-charging solutions cross the Sports Gamer desk on a weekly basis. Most of them work. Most of them look cool. But there is no Wii-remote charger that works better, or looks cooler, than the Wii Induction Charger series from Energizer.

Here's how it works: Pop out the pair of traditional double AA batteries from your remote. insert the rechargeable battery pack, then place the Wii remote on the flat-panel charging surface. When the Wii remote is charging, the light at the top of the panel glows red. When it's fully charged and ready to be used, the light turns green.

Inserting the Wii remote into a dock? That's so 2009. But placing the remote prone on a flat flat magical charging surface? There's just something about it that feels cool and futuristic. I don't know why. There are even invisible magnets inside the charging surface that hold each Wiimote in the perfect charging position. Cool.

The Induction Charger comes in two forms: the 2X Induction Charger can accomodate two Wiimotes simultaneously and retails for $29.99; the 4X Induction Charger has room for four Wii motes and sells for $49.99. You can find both models at your local retailer, or at

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FInally,they created another awsome thing for the wii.To bad it isnt at a low price at stores.

wow! I need one for our wii.

okay maybe i was being stupid but i think your exaggerting they dont look the cool not as cool as my new air jordan shoes

not a waste of money, wht u thinkin blasterpitcher? its a hastle to just have to plug them in, and it looks a DANG lot cooler! :) LOL

ooooh, that is the coolest thing since the wii lol

waste of money

dude battires cost MONEY$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so you save alot

thats true if u dont lay video games 24/7

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