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MLB10 The Show: Opening Day

Courtesy of SCEA

The good thing about playing virtual baseball? Opening Day festivities don't kick off until you turn on your Playstation.

So, if you somehow managed to miss out on this year's start to the real-world baseball calender -- and I have no idea how you pulled that off with Yanks-Sawx topping the slate, but if you did... -- no worries! You can still relive all the fun by booting up MLB10 The Show and kick-starting a new Career campaign.

In fact, it looks like the boys over at SCEA just started a new season themselves. How else to explain this awesome new video of "Opening Day" footage?

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reley reley FUN

If I take a job as a video game maker, I would create a "Bigs 3" game with graphics THAT realistic.

If Take a job as a video game maker, I would create a "Bigs 3" game with graphics THAT realistic.


this stinks!!!!!!!!!!!i want this game on XBOX 360 why for ps3,ps3 is dumb XBOX360 is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

y more better Graphics Than The 360

Who needs playstation basketball when you can get a ball and get something to be your hoop and play.

Can I just say the only way they changed this game for psp is the roster update. nothing like they showed in this video.

I have a question: what happened to the fantasy page? I want to do Fantasy Baseball.

That doesn't mean they had to take it off!

I'm with you, I can't find the Fantay page it wasn't working for my friends and I then it disapeared

Thanks, Supershortstop14.

@BasketballBaseball1:I asked the Wiz this question a little while ago and he said they're docusing more on there blogs and contests and will be taking time off for fantasy sports.

That was funny when I think Andrew McCuteon droped his bat on the way back to the dugout and just left it there because he was so disappointed. To bad I can only get this for Wii.

I know!

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