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Sneak Peek: Skate It (iPhone)

Courtesy of EA Sports

The Skate It franchise goes portable once again this May, courtesy of Skate It for the iPhone.

Now... anyone familiar with the franchise might have doubts about such a port. And with good reason! Skate It's (the console version) dual-analog control scheme would appear to be a poor fit for the iPhone's touchscreen set-up.

Luckily for us, EA Sports appears to have developed an effecient workaround...

They've tweaked Skate It's Flick-It controls specifically for the iPhone interface. Which is really just a fancy way of saying you'll pull off ollies and heelflips by dragging and tapping the touchscreen. 

That's not the only cool thing you can expect either. The iPhone version will Freeskate and Career modes, tons of Unlockables (including gear and new decks) and... drumroll... you can even create your own music soundtrack in iTunes and port it into the game to jam with while you're playing. Cool? Cool.

The only bad news? You'll have to wait two months before the game hits the iTunes store. In the meantime, check below for more screens from the game.

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you guys just waste your money on itouches, ipods and ipads.

Ipodtouch thats mine hear I come and I will buy that app

I should get it for my iPod Touch

i want an ipod touch

COOL! I have this game on my iPod Touch and it is amazing!

Looks a lil boring, but somewhat fun.

they have it on the ipod touch? Gotta get it! I have an ipod touch, but I thought this app was only avalible on the iphone. My bad.

i have an itouch and have the free version of this its good

hey don't be mean dude!

Of course you got the free version, you cheap-o!!!

I've got skate it on DS and and it seem like the same thing as on ds, but tweaked and upgraded

AWESOME! Where did u get it

Not cool!

looks boring

I Played it on the Xbox 360. It's awesome!

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