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Jordan Brand 2010 Silver Anniversary

  • GearHead
  • Duane Munn
  • February 25, 2010, 1:21 PM

Courtesy of Jordan Brand

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Air Jordan sneaker, Team Jordan is rolling out silver editions of the Air Jordan 2010!

No word on when (or even if) these souped-up models will be released to stores... but I do  have some good news for fellow GearHead's in search of more info: you can get a close-up of the kicks in action this week, as college basketball teams Georgetown and California will both be modeling them during big games.

Actually... G-Town and Cal will be playing in customized silver uniforms as well... 'cause what's the point of wearing silver sneakers if they don't match with anything you're wearing... y'know? :).

Check below to see when the teams will be wearing the Anniversary AJ 2010's, and for pics of their custom uni's!

- February 25: Cal vs. Arizona (Cal will wear 2010 Anniversary Uniform and Air Jordan 2010)
- February 27: Georgetown vs. Notre Dame (Georgetown will wear 2010 Anniversary Uniform and Air Jordan 2010)

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i lov popcorn

its cool. but wat college will take those shoes?

those shoes look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so want to get them.

Wow im getting thos shoes second they com to stores. Nice jerseys too by the way.

It's ugly!

y do those two teams get the special shoes? is that where MJ used to go or something?

they get them because both schools are sponsored by jordan brand. their basketball teams always wear jordan sneakers, so they get first dibs when the cool stuff is made available.

MJ went 2 UNC

By the way how do you play a fantasy baseball game anyway

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