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U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

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  • Paul Ulane
  • February 22, 2010, 12:43 PM

I’m not going to lie, for the most part the Winter Olympics make me fall asleep faster than taking extra-strength cough syrup. Combine that with the fact that NBC has been tape-delaying the most interesting events – even after all of the results show up online in the afternoon – and it looked like the 2010 Games were going to come and go without me even noticing.

Then a funny thing happened…

A recent surge has catapulted the U.S. to the top of the medal standings. Not only does the U.S. have the most medals overall, we have the most golds, too. Skiers like Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller have watched the flag raise from the top of the podium. Evan Lysacek brought home the first American gold in men’s figure skating in 22 years. Shaun White not only delivered gold, but pulled off the Double McTwist. (Doesn’t the Double McTwist sound like a delicious fast food sandwich? I’m picturing something with hamburger patties, fried shrimp and two different types of cheese. But I digress…)

What can I say? The winning has me hooked. I know this for a fact, because last night I sat glued to the TV watching the American men pull off an improbable upset over the Canadians on their home turf. I didn’t even change the channel during commercials!

So will the U.S. men bring home hockey gold? It’s hard to say. But one thing I do know: I’ll be watching. The United States has proven in Vancouver that even if they aren’t the favorites, there’s still a chance that they can bring home the gold. And that’s worth tuning in to see.

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I personnaly love the Winter Olympics. I think its becoming more popular throughout the U.S.

i like it beter then the olympicks[summer]

lindsey vonn is hot

lindsey vonn is a diva.She makes SUCH a big deal out of everything.
This is her;
"Oh look, my shin hurts.Darn, maybe I won't go to the Olympics"
"Oh look, I won gold! What shin injury?"
See what I'm sayin?

Ha! if you were in canada you could watch it on CTV and see every thing! we can also watch it on Sportsnet ontario and TSN!

Let's go USA! Beat Germany in the medal count!

Usa rocks the world.


I love love the winter olypics it is sooooooooo cool people raceing competeing it is cool plus it only cooms every 2 years but it is worth waiting for

I love shaun White he rocks!! So does Lindseay Vonn!!

I know right

People need to realize that the United States team isn't very good do to the amount of experienced players. Beating the Canadians is remarkable its juust like in the 80's beating the Soviet Union. The americans beated Sidney Crosby and one of the best goalies in the world Martan Brodeur.

You CANNOT beat the miracle on ice in 1980. The US put up a bunch of gangly college kids against seasoned veterans who regularly beat any country they faced in a blowout. Canada's 2010 team has star power, but that's it. They really aren't that great. They weren't beating everyone they played in blowouts (some, yes, but not all). If you matched up the Soviet 1980 team with Canada's 2010 team, the Soviets would roll over them like any other teams. The Miracle on Ice 30 years ago does NOT HAVE and WILL NOT HAVE any comparable upset. PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION.

not very good the United States team works

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