Sarah Braunstein

The Weekly Whine: Tebow, T.O., Pro Bowlers

  • The Arena
  • Sarah Braunstein
  • January 29, 2010, 2:46 PM

Each week I’ll search far and wide to find the players, coaches and fans that are the week’s biggest whiners. Then I’ll tell you what I think of them. We call it The Weekly Whine…

Tim Tebow’s Agent
A day into Senior Bowl practice, with Tim Tebow struggling, his agent claimed that it was due to illness and that Tebow had been hospitalized with a 103-degree fever. With questions already swirling about Tebow’s ability to transition to the NFL, he doesn’t need an agent making excuses for him. And if the sickness was that big of a deal, he should have said something before practice started, not after Tebow stunk it up on the field.
Verdict: See you later, whiny Gator

Terrell Owens
In a recent interview Owens said this: "I know hands-down I'd be close to Jerry Rice's records if I had been with quality quarterbacks like he had. Say I had been with a guy like Tom Brady , Peyton Manning, or Drew Brees all of my career. Are you kidding me?” Actually, it seems like T.O. is the one who is kidding. He finished fourth in the NFL in dropped passes this season and has publicly fought with almost every QB he’s played with. The only record he may hold is number of ridiculous things he has said over his career.
Verdict: Put a lid on it Ocho Whino

Indianapolis Colts president Bill Polian
Polian used the word “distasteful” in reference to the NFL’s new Pro Bowl rule, which requires Super Bowl-bound Pro Bowlers to attend the game, even though they won’t play in it. This means that in the all important week of practice before the Super Bowl, Colts and Saints players have to miss a day and fly to and from Miami three times in two days. Fans already don’t care about the Pro Bowl, and with this new rule, the players are bound to agree with them.
Verdict: Thumbs up for Whine Bowl 2010

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can someone talk to me

They all stink , no one in there right mind is gonna pick Tebow in the first round of the NFL draft. TO is going to be a cry baby all his life, and I don't even want to talk about the Colts I hate em.

the saints have won it!!!!!!!

T.O. is going to be a Bengal next season because he stinks.

I have an answer to BaseballStar155 if I was with the rams I would take Suh because they really need some defense players.Eric Berry from Tennesse wouldn't be too bad either.My favorite pizza is cheese anyway.

Tebow stinks he is just weird

you should be on the whine board

I hope Tebow goes pro and gets drafted to the dolphins

tebow should go to the lions


You got PAT WHITE you don't need TEBOW

should the rams draft a quarterback or suh

it does not matter they stink

They should try for both

so uh whats your favorite pizza

TO hates pizza

look im tired hearing about this tebow stuff. he's a great player & ppl need to get off his back. he was sick as a dog all week & has the media all over him. give him a break & i think he's going to show all of you wrong in the NFL. & btw go gators!

I feel the exact way you and me have a lot in common Go gators and go Tim Tebow! I am glad there is someone who doesn't hate him.

love the cowboys hate the vickinges

vikings not vikings seriesly

for one you spelled vikings wrong and to the cowboys stink

spelling vikings isnt that hard dude

If Tim Tebow gets drafted by the Browns, Bucaneers, Rams, Lions or worse, i'm going to stop waching the games, and just hear who wins

no he is'nt

Tebow is the best

YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you i agree.

I think this shows that Tebow has guts. If you practice with a fever at that kind of level, you have guts. I love Tebow though. He goes to prisons and reads the Bible, his parents were missionaries in Phillipians, and I do not believe Tebow whines. People call him a wimp for when he cried at the end of the Alabama game, no one can say that. You do not know the feeling of getting into the National BCS Championship. Tebow will need three or four seasons before he can impact the pros though. He's tough, he's a leader, and he can play in the NFL.

when ya really think about it, he is a whiner. he cried because he knew that he was not on his best performance. he played horrible. i do agree with u about him playing in the pros and all, but you can't say he only cried because they lost. the dude can walk on that campus and get whatever he wants. and it wasn't him that just lost. it was the entire offense/defense. he should've walked with his head held high, knowing scouts have already seen him play. alabama deserved the title. but u are right. he is a leader, he's tough, and he has a great chance of going to NFL.


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