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The Weekly Whine: Brooking, Jets, Kaman

  • The Arena
  • Sarah Braunstein
  • January 22, 2010, 3:55 PM

Each week I’ll search far and wide to find the players, coaches and fans that are the week’s biggest whiners. Then I’ll tell you what I think of them. We call it The Weekly Whine… 

Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Keith Brooking
Brooking plays defense for the Dallas Cowboys. His job, and his only job, is to prevent the opposing team from scoring. He didn’t do it against the Vikings on Sunday. Brett Favre and company rolled up a 34-3 win including a touchdown on a fourth down with two minutes left, which Brooking felt was rubbing it in. Losing in the playoffs is awful (trust me, I’m a Ravens fan), but Brooking had no reason to yell at the Vikings sideline. If Brooking wanted to blame someone for the blowout loss he should have looked in the mirror and whined to himself.
Verdict: Texas is big, but there’s no room for whining.

Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman
Last Thursday Kaman said in an interview that he thought he should get a spot on the All-Star team ahead of Lakers players Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. His reasoning is that his numbers are superior, he’s played in more games, and he shouldn’t be penalized for playing on a last-place squad. Not only does Kaman have the stats to back-up his rant, he is rightly speaking out again a ridiculous All-Star voting process. When Allen Iverson is starting for the East in 2010, you know something needs to be done.
Verdict: Feel free to Whine and Dine

Jets haters
First the haters said the Jets didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs. Now they’re saying it took a historically bad day from Chargers kicker Nate Kaeding to give them a win in the divisional round. All this whining is bonkers (you hear that Pats fans?). The Jets have to beat the Colts, and all their starters, to get to the Super Bowl. If they win, there’s no question they deserve to be there. And if they lose, then an undeserving team won’t advance.
Verdict: Don’t cross the whine line

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You bitter vikings fans


Colts are going to destroy the Saints!!!!!!!

jets are the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you don't know what you r saying Colts are too old to go any further

wait till you hear the colts whine when the saints beat them

what is up with the babys

No matter what happens, they had a great year and it stunning that they made it this far. J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS!



i like pork chops ☺ ☻ ☺ ☻

I do not like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

of course mark is up there no brainer

Why cant they just listen to the refs even if they make bad calls

this is good imformation :>


were talkin about the jets dude

haha cliper player cring

no du mark sanchez is whining he did not get his way. he lost to the colts and when people dont get there way they whine no du

i hope you can rewind time to watch the game again because what you said is no where near true. mark sanchez has no reason to whine. he had the fate of the jets on his shoulders. everyone was expecting him to drop down and fail. but did he? no. he took the jets to the stinking AFC title game. Not only that, but i guarntee you that peyton manning was scared out of his wits at the end of the first half. mark sanchez played as great of a game any rookie could play. he just finished high school when carson palmer won the heisman. beat him. he was only a sophmore in college when phillip rivers was playing. beat him. so i really really really disagree with you about what you said. get your football facts right because if you don't, and tell every1 what u said, o o o o o man. you have to deal with a whole different storm.

haha keith :)

Ha Ha! Now that was a real whine. I mean that was just awesome. I need to post this some where else.

Why is this called the Whine?

I know! Why!?

Speaking of Keith Brooking wasn't it funny when Joe Buck announced on Sunday after Farve threw the touchdown on 4th and 3. "Here comes Keith Brooking and he's barking at the back of Brett Farve, but theres Jared Allen right there barking back at him". I couldn't stop laughing for about 5 or 10 minutes.


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