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NFL Power Rankings: Week 16

One week from the playoffs and a lot of match-ups are still up in the air. How is all of the post-season jockeying affecting the rankings? Keep reading to find out… (And as always, submit your own power rankings and compare them to mine with our Power Rankings Builder!)

NFL Power Rankings
1 San Diego Chargers
Last Week: 2
The Chargers have been playing more complete ball than anyone else for at least a month now. Securing a first-round bye will help San Diego rest up and get healthy for a Super Bowl run, especially linebacker Shawne Merriman, who has been playing with plantar fasciitis.
2 Philadelphia Eagles
Last Week: 4
The usually unpredictable Eagles have stay surprisingly consistent on offense during their current six-game win streak, totaling at least 24 points in each win. Now that I’ve said that, watch the Eagles go out and drop a dud in the unofficial NFC East division championship against Dallas in Week 17.
3 Indianapolis Colts
Last Week: 1
They get dropped for giving up so blatantly in Week 16. If the rest pays off in the playoffs, it was a good call by rookie head coach Jim Caldwell. If the Colts look rusty and deliver another one-and-done performance in the post-season? Not so much.
4 Dallas Cowboys
Last Week: 6
Tony Romo continued his smart play in December to help clinch a playoff spot for Dallas. Now it’s up to him and his ‘Boys to get that elusive playoff victory, something the Cowboys haven’t had in over a decade.
5 New England Patriots
Last Week: 7
Ever since everyone was crying about Randy Moss’ lack of effort, all he’s done is catch four touchdown passes in two games while the Pats clinched the AFC East. These aren’t the most powerful Patriots we’ve seen this decade, but I still think they’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs.
6 Cincinnati Bengals
Last Week: 8
Week 16 saw Cincy clinch just its second playoff appearance in the last 19 years. Regardless of their track record, the Bengals will be a tough out in the playoffs thanks to their fifth ranked scoring defense.
7 Minnesota Vikings
Last Week: 5
Yikes. What’s going on with the slumping Vikes? The troubles start with an offensive line that is having trouble opening up holes for Adrian Peterson and protecting Brett Favre.
8 Green Bay Packers
Last Week: 9
All anyone could talk about at the beginning of the year, including yours truly, was how the Pack couldn’t protect Aaron Rodgers in the passing game. Now not only is Rodgers getting more time to throw, but that line has helped the Packers lead the league in rushing touchdowns in December (9 TDs on the ground).
9 New Orleans Saints
Last Week: 3
The sky is falling New Orleans. Blowing a 17-point lead to the lowly Bucs – at home! – means it is time to start panicking. The offense can still move the ball, but the run defense (4.6 yards per carry allowed in their two losses) needs to stiffen up, and quick.
10 Arizona Cardinals
Last Week: 11
Congratulations to Kurt Warner, who became the second QB in NFL history to toss 100 TD passes for two different franchises.
11 Pittsburgh Steelers
Last Week: 17
Teams are jumping all over the rankings. That’s what happens when you put yourself back into contention for a playoff spot. Too bad Pittsburgh needs lots of outside help to get a shot at defending its title.
12 Baltimore Ravens
Last Week: 10
A ton of penalties and mistakes cost them the chance to sweep the Steelers and lock into a playoff spot. Luckily, the Ravens still control their own playoff destiny: win at Oakland in Week 17 and they’re in the Super Bowl tournament.
13 New York Jets
Last Week: 21
The Jets benefited from the Colts taking their starters out of the game in the second half of Week 16. Now they play a Cincy team that also has its playoff fate sealed. Can Gang Green ride this streak of favorable schedule-making to the post-season?
14 Houston Texans
Last Week: 16
Not only do the Texans need to beat New England, they need all of their competitors to take a loss in the final week of the season. Those two three-point losses in November are going to be hard to forget if the Texans miss out on the playoffs again.
15 Denver Broncos
Last Week: 12
Since the calendar turned to November, Denver is 2-7. Looks like this dream season might have a nightmare ending.
16 Carolina Panthers
Last Week: 19
Is Matt Moore the QB of the future for the Panthers? Moore has won three of his four starts with a 106.8 QB rating since he took over in Carolina.
17 Atlanta Falcons
Last Week: 20
While they’ve been out of the playoff picture for a while now, the Falcons still have something to play for. One more win and Atlanta will have consecutive winning seasons for the first time in franchise history.
18 Tennessee Titans
Last Week: 13
The magical climb back to the playoffs is officially over. Now the focus shifts to Chris Johnson and his chase to become the sixth player in NFL history to top 2,000 rushing yards in a season.
19 Miami Dolphins
Last Week: 15
Chad Henne’s three 300-yard games in the Dolphins last five contests prove he has what it takes to be a franchise quarterback. His nine interceptions in that same span proves he also needs to get smarter with the football.
20 Jacksonville Jaguars
Last Week: 18-
Since sitting at 6-4, the Jags have lost four out of their last five. 2009 looks to be the eighth time the Jags have missed the playoffs in the 2000s.
21 San Francisco 49ers
Last Week: 22
In an up-and-down season, running back Frank Gore provided most of the ups. Gore’s 1,013 rushing yards this season make him the first Niners running back to gain over 1,000 yards in four straight seasons.
22 New York Giants
Last Week: 14
The way they played on Sunday, I wouldn’t even feel bad putting the Giants 32nd in the rankings. The G-Men’s complete lack of tackling and effort lead to 416 yards of offense for the Panthers in the team’s shameful farewell to the Meadowlands.
23 Cleveland Browns
Last Week: 26
Break up the Browns. Cleveland has won three straight and just may have found their running back of the future in Jerome Harrison. Harrison is averaging 217 yards per game in his last two starts.
24 Chicago Bears
Last Week: 27
The Monday nighter was a thrilling victory. Too bad it’s one of the few highlights of the season. The Bears need to build on the balanced offensive attack they showed against the Vikings if they want to compete for a playoff spot next year.
25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last Week: 28
Tampa relished their role as spoiler and pulled off the upset of the season in New Orleans. Sure, they only have three wins with a game left in the season, but rookie head coach Raheem Morris has made sure his team continued to compete throughout the season.
26 Oakland Raiders
Last Week: 23
When you have more penalty yards than rushing yards, you’re not going to win, which is exactly what Oakland found out in Week 16 against Cleveland.
27 Buffalo Bills
Last Week: 24
The quarterback shuffle continues in Buffalo, with Brian Brohm being the latest Bills signal caller to lose this season.
28 Washington Redskins
Last Week: 25
The ‘Skins have been outscored by 50 points in their last two contests (home games against the Giants and the Cowboys), proving just how far behind the rest of the NFC East they are right now.
29 Kansas City Chiefs
Last Week: 31
They say close doesn’t count in the NFL, which the Chiefs can certainly attest to. KC has lost six games by seven points or less in 2009.
30 Seattle Seahawks
Last Week: 29
The Seahawks are ranked 24th in scoring offense and 26th in scoring defense. In other words, Seattle has a lot to turn around this off-season.
31 Detroit Lions
Last Week: 30
Detroit has more starting quarterbacks this season than they do wins. That’s not the recipe for success in the NFL.
32 St. Louis Rams
Last Week: 32
There was on positive for St. Louis in Week 16 – they scored a touchdown in the third quarter for the first time all season! Congrats, Rams! Too bad that’s not enough to get you out of the cellar this week…

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Sikids. Why dont you ever post my comments. You stink. I dont sware or anything. Listen to coach fish. He puts kids down I dont

i dont know

You know. At the end of every year it seems like the non loss teams lose. I guess they just think they are so good. But when you think your that kinda team. YOU LOSE.

These power rankings are like 90 percent right why i say 90 and not 100 I think that the browns should be up and so do the saints maybe the saints lost two straight but they have the SECOND BEST RECORD IN FOOTBALL

the cowboys rock the saints stink

I wish they would talk about college ball.

now sanits lose to dallas,bucc's,and then carolina wwwoooowww!!!!!


i think that the eagles will get to and win the superbowl:broace160

i think they could make the super bowl but to get their you got to get through the vikings and the saints and to win the super bowl they will probably have to face the colts

I think the Colts are going to win the Super Bowl. In the AFC Championship I think it will be the chargers and the colts. The Chargers are a bit better than the Colts, but if the Colts keep the score close into the fourth quarter Peyton Manning will win it.

BigBoys204, the Eagles hate you to.

now we hate you.....because the eagles are 12-4 boddy.

you all say eagles chargers cowboys but nobody noticed the BEARS beat the vikings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):)

because that was a sorry game anyway

if you think that the steelers will make they play offs reply if not reply you think they will not

SOCCERFISH!!!!!!! If you lose to: the horrible Raiders, Chiefs AND the browns me and my dad call the browns the Clowns because they STINK SO BAD!!!!!

NO!!!because they don't have the sthernth and speed that they had last yaer.

The Steelers will make the playoffs.

I think they will win they're game, but I don't think they will get to the payoffs. They don't just need to win, they need help to.

Dude the only reason the Saints lost is because of their d-fence LOL

yaeh rite did you see all the sacks they gave up.

Reply if you think the Saints stink.

Saints are OK,but I have DREW BREES on my fantasy team,and he reels in LOTS of points

LOL! I really can't believe the saints lost. To lose to the cowboys is one thing but the bucc's? you have to be kidding!!! Now if you're all getting mad at me i apologize. but i'm a patriots fan. It's my nature to laugh at the teams that lost an important game and lost to a team that has been sucking the entire season. Don't get me wrong. How do you think I felt when a little rookie out of USC (Mark Sanchez) beat one of the best QB'S of all time? (Peyton Manning) respond if u agree or perhaps disagree! I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can!! :D

i'm a patriots fan too!!! GO PATS!!!!!!! :D

the sanits stink before both losese

How can you agree or disagree, there's no fantasy!

Hey ProBowl80, you want fantasy, here it is. The Colts will not lose they're first game. (they are first in the confrance so they will not have to play on Wild Card Weekend) They will get to the AFC Championship game, but they will lose to the Chargers. The NFC, on the other hand,... the Cowboys will lose they're game against the Eagles, The Eagles will get second in the confrance therefore getting a bye into week 2 of the playoffs. Late season will catch up to the Cowboys as they will lose they're first playoff they play on Wild Card Weekend, to the Vikings (they will squeek by 24-21). The Packers will win the other game. (advancing to week 2) The Eagles will win easily over the Vikings.(38-13) The Packers will stun the Saints.(27-21) (advancing to week 3) The Eagles will JUST win over the Packers, going to the Super Bowl.(24-21FOT)
The super bowl will be the Chargers vs. Eagles. The Chargers will win yet another thrilling super bowl game.(31-24) If you agree say Yah, but if you disagree say nah. (I think I will see more nah's) Hope you enjoy.

Unforchanatly i'm an Eagles fan, but I look at the facts. The Chargers are better than the Eagles right now.

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