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Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 16 308

The NFC playoff field is set, we just don't know where anyone is playing yet. The AFC playoff picture? Well, that's a mess. Luckily, the Wiz called in from on location to help us sort it all out. From the Colts resting their starters to the Saints losing their homefield advantage, we break it all down. After we take care of business, it's time for more player nicknames and another stirring edition of "Spell That Player's Name." What are you waiting for, press play to hear it all!


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the saints have home feild and no body can beet the saints in the dome but the moooboy and the bucs. the saints vs colt in the super bowl saints win

Im not saying that i like the Colts but i think that Peyton Manning just might win the mvp and i think that it would be cool if the Colts play the Cowboys in the superbowl.Go Cowboys :)

Go Eagles!!!

im not saying that Peyton Manning is the best but he is probaly going to be the mvp and i hope that the colts play the cowboys that would be cool go Cowboys

Wise Man eh

You know the Saints the Vikings The Cardinals and the Eagles all are good but the colts stink i mean they are the worst team ever and the Saints is the best team in the NFL

Ilike your thinking wise guy.

the colts are the best no matter what,and after that the Pats are #2.The Eagles #3, Steelers #4, the Saints are the 5th best team

Nickname for Jay Cutler:
Jay The Bears only got me to throw picks and make the Vikings misreble because my defense can't hold a 17 point lead

Hey Profeser, why do people critisize Adrain Peterson for fumbling? Peterson has 20 fumbles in 3 seasons Walter Payton had 30 fumbles in 3 seasons. Not only that Eric Dickerson had 37 fumbles 3 seasons they never got critisized. Peterson has less fumbles then 2 of the all time greats!

He dosnt fumble like frank gore either

Make that 21 fumbles in 3 seasons, FullBackCoyote(he fumbled once against the Bears on MNF).

LaDainian Tomlinson is Tomlinson the Terror.

I gotta nickname for Larry Fitzgerald.Fearful Fitzgerald

nice one go saints

For you Steeler fans out there, these situations are how Pittsburgh can get a spot in the playoffs:

1) Steelers win and Houston loses or ties, and New York Jets lose or tie.
2) Steelers win and Houston loses or ties and Baltimore loses or ties.
3) Steelers win and New York Jets lose or tie and Baltimore loses or ties and Denver loses or ties.

The Steelers finish their season next weekend in Miami. Houston plays New England. The Jets play Cincinnati. Baltimore plays Oakland. And Denver plays Kansas City.
Developed by the NFL.

the STEELERS are the best team to play football!!!!!!!

I am with you. I am a big steelers fan and i hope they can pull it off to get to the playoffs. Hopefully they can finish games off and play better football. Lady luck has to be with them to get in.

Desean Jackson is Desean "Taxman" Jackson cause he makes defense pay taxes.
Trent Cole is Trent Troll.
GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben "Record"berger

Because of his 503 yard passing game vs. Packers this year...a record for the Steelers.

Big Ben is the best quarterback ever! GO STEELERS!!!!!!

thats because that was when the packs had NO D

I read in sports illustrated that warren moon and y.a. tittle are the only other quarterbacks to throw for over 500 yards and have no picks. They are both in the hall of fame. Big Ben is awesome.

DeSean Jackson is the green bullet. Because he's wide open on every play.

That's true but larry fitzgerald is the best widereciever in the nfl woohoo


Would't that mean he's super fast?

i know right!

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA SAINTS LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :>

And Drew Brees is the mvp and the Saints will win the superbowl

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