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SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 16 308

The NFC playoff field is set, we just don't know where anyone is playing yet. The AFC playoff picture? Well, that's a mess. Luckily, the Wiz called in from on location to help us sort it all out. From the Colts resting their starters to the Saints losing their homefield advantage, we break it all down. After we take care of business, it's time for more player nicknames and another stirring edition of "Spell That Player's Name." What are you waiting for, press play to hear it all!


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Cris Johnson is the "lighting bolt" "sorry L.T."

what about thomas jones best rb in nfl by far

LT is old

no way, ray rice is the lighting bolt.

who do you think the bills should draft?

yay! powerplaymaker4 ain't a hater!

somebody good

Hopefully you were born and raised in Buffalo, like me.

1.Jerry House (OLB, TCU)
2.Timmy Tebow (Thurman Thomas and Jim Kelly thinks so!)

I gotta nickname for Randy Moss. Sticky Hands is his nickname because is are like glue.

think randy drinks to much brandy?

go bills all you haters.

no, it's like supreman becouse he can fly.

Tom Brady is Brady the Bomb

and sticky hands

Tom Brady Stinks He should of never gone to the pro bowl the only reason people think he is good is because of wes welker

Drew Brees and the Aints stink!!! Brady and the pats rock!!!!!!!!!!!

whats the records

Saints are gonna win the super bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No way,Tom Brady is taken us to the top.

The packers are the best.

No,the pats are better.

No way,the pats are the best team in the land.

the Pats gonna win the super bowl cuz they got Wes Welker and Randy Moss with the best WR matchup, and they have Tom Brady controlling the offense. Richard Seymour on defense, they would be the best team of the decade with 4 more wins.

Your IQ is 1,000,000,000!:)

you are totly right.

seymour is on the raiders now

Btrett Favre is Brett "the Regret" Favre

You are right.

ya you bet you will win on a hhhhaaaappppppppyyyyy day

who dat? dreww dat?

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