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SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 16 308

The NFC playoff field is set, we just don't know where anyone is playing yet. The AFC playoff picture? Well, that's a mess. Luckily, the Wiz called in from on location to help us sort it all out. From the Colts resting their starters to the Saints losing their homefield advantage, we break it all down. After we take care of business, it's time for more player nicknames and another stirring edition of "Spell That Player's Name." What are you waiting for, press play to hear it all!


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Arctic circle? Vicious snow storm?! What's with the random monkey sound? I thought my computer had this weird virus thingy? I've given up on football a long time ago. It's too exciting. I'd rather read/write a book. Anyway, everyone read Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians! It's 100% TRUE. YOLO(You only live once)!

lions r the best stafford + johnson + the best team ever

my nickname for this week is "turnovers." did you see how many the bills had. they must have had at least 7

Jets are awesome!

pats are better

Wiz who do you think is gonna win the Super Bowl this year



Hey everyone! i just read an article about LA poaching (was the word they used) a franchise out of the Bills or the Jags. I actually read that LA wants to do this!

Wiz who are your 5 favorite players?

Wiz who are the 10 teams you like most? And list them in order please.

hahahahahaha! told u! go bills, homes!

10!? I don't know if I can get you 10, but here's who I root for:

1. Steelers: My favorite team
2. Bills: Western NY is an awesome, awesome, awesome place for football
3. Packers: Mrs. Wiz's favorite team
4. Eagles: I'm a Syracuse guy, so I root for McNabb
5. Texans: I interviewed Mario Williams before he was picked No. 1 in '06. One of the coolest players I've ever met.
6. Bears: I LOVED Walter Payton as a kid.
7. Patriots: I used to work selling sodas at their games when I was a teenager, back when Drew Bledsoe was their star QB. I haven't liked them since Belichick got there though.

Hey Wiz who is your SB pick in AFC and NFC?

guess what evryone? Wiz said he wuz sorta a bills fan! hehehehe

The Titans probably would have made it to the playoffs if they had put Vince Young in at the beggining of the season

FalconFan103 do you think the browns will be good next year after going on a 4 game winning streak?

No i dont think so. they need a good qb and defense.

Eales are way better than the Cowboys

so not true

it was kinda borin


you said a bad word.

I WANT MORE SIKIDS RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


u r an awesome person!

Hey FalconFan103 who do you thinks going to the SB in NFC and AFC?

Chargers versus Vikings, son!

Hey Proffesser, u sound boring and sad!

I agree

Steelers are WAY better than the Jets. Who cares if they beat the Bengals. Steelers have beat some good teams too. Vikings,Ravens...

the steelers let the browns score a rushing touchdown and sacked big ben 6 or 7 times

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