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Question of the Week: Best Helmets

I have to say, this was one of my favorite Questions of the Week ever: 

What is the coolest-looking helmet in the NFL or college football?

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It's definitely the Chargers, the lighting bolt on their helmets. They’re the BEST.
-AwesomeAnimal209, Michigan

Gotta go with the maize and blue: Michigan. Who doesn't love the wing design? It can also be considered the most historical/traditional.
-John, Illinois

I like the Saints helmet. I really like the logo on it.

I like Alabama's classic design of putting your number on the helmet. Since I play football, I know that sometimes I forget which helmet is mine, so this is a great way of remembering. I also think that helmets should show some individuality and not just have a logo on it.
-LeftyPitcher15, California

In the NFL I think the team with the best helmet is the Patriots.
-Jaime, Puerto Rico

Call me crazy but I think the Clemson Tiger's helmets looks awesome with the simple design with the stripes down the middle and the paw on the side, all in school colors! I love the Clemson Tiger's helmets!
-Adam, Canada

Michigan Wolverines have the BEST helmets ever!
-Joe, New York

I like the Denver Broncos’ helmets. The orange accents the dark blue really nicely and the horse is just menacing.
-Joel, Pennsylvania

Patriots, Rams, Ohio State.
-Ben, Massachusetts

I think the best helmet in football is the Bengals' "Tony the Tiger" stripes. Instead of a picture of their mascot, it turns the players into their own mascot.
-BaseballFanatic123, Texas

In the NFL, probably the Chargers.
-CatcherChampion36, Michigan

I like New England's AFL helmets. They’re really cool looking.

I think the Bengals and the saints have the best helmets in the NFL. And the Oregon ducks and the Buckeyes have the best helmets in the NCAA.

Brocos, Eagles, Titans, Panthers are SICK!!!!!!! Awesome colors and awesome detail in the Florida Gators definitely!

The Bengals helmet.
-MasterPower1, Connecticut

I’ve gone back and forth all my life: As a kid I LOVED the Packers and the Georgia Bulldogs (aka the “Red Packers”). But right now, I love the Steelers with the Steel emblem on one side of the helmet only. How awesome and unique is that?! Runner up goes to the Patriots’ throwback helmets with Pat the Patriot snapping the ball. In college ball, I think the Texas Longhorns edge out Georgia right now. Something about the all white with the burnt orange longhorn that looks really sweet.
-The Wiz

Now for this week's question. The Colts and Saints are heading towards regular season perfection, but they've also already wrapped up homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. So it's natural that everyone is asking this question...

Should the Colts and Saints bench their starters to keep them healthy for the playoffs, or risk injury and go for a perfect season?

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I like Texas A&M's helmets with the letters close up. Go Aggies!!!!

What! The Aggies helmets stink! Really badly! I mean marron is a nice color but for a helmet yuck!The dumb aTm looks sooooooooo bad! Now a good helmet is the Texas Longhorns helmet. Hook'em!

Now for the award winner ............... the Chargers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bengals helmet is best and the r NOT!

in the ncaa i like michigen state inthe nfl ilike seahalks helmet


TCU Horned frogs all day

TCU helments are the bomb. the horn frogs when they get mad they spit blood out of there eyes

Go TEXAS the LONGHORNS are going to beat the heck out of Allliiiiiibama and Mate inkenPOOP

I Think the Bengals have the best helmet in the NFL because the ornage and black strips and Ohio State have the best helmet College Football because I like the idea of putting the buckeyes on there helmet if they do something good.

No the Steelers have the best helmets ever!

seriously dude bears got the best but that's my opinion.

STEELERS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the heck.Who cares about the helmets.The Defending Super Bowl Champion May not make the Playoffs,because they LOST to the CHEIFS and the RAIDERS!!!!!

i like the bengals instead of a picture they went outside the box with stripes. in ncaa Georgia Tech i like the yellow jacket on the side.

i think the bengals are the best in the nfl. instead of a picture they thought outside the box with stripes. in ncaa no contest georgia tech. with the yellow jacket on it.

Where did you get those stickers?

I like the Bengals helmets.

Michigan's helmet is AWSOME

You're so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to love that wing design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Texas Longhorns by far


In College I like Iowa's because of the Black and Gold but, I still HATE Iowa.For the NFL I like the Chargers

Dude i love the Bengals helmet.Not just because i am from Cincinnati, but i just love the stripes.It's so much better than the old helmets of them just saying BENGALS on it.
Now college...that im not sure about.Probably UC, and again not because im from Cincy but because it has the "C" that looks like a claw.

Broncos, Raiders, Cowboys throwback, panthers, college boise st.

temple's and the eagles are awesome

I like the bengals and broncos in the NFL and MSU and Boise State in college

the saints in the nfl in collage LSU and tcu

I like the patriots, titans eagles, and the Jags. In collage the TCU, and Boise state are pretty sick looking.

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