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NBA Power Rankings: Week 4

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  • Sachin Shenolikar
  • November 25, 2009, 3:17 PM

Here's a little something to chew on over the long know, besides turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. And don't forget, now you can make your own rankings to compare with mine. Click more to see how!

NBA Power Rankings
1 Los Angeles Lakers
Last Week: 1
With Pau Gasol back in the lineup the Lakers are going to be even tougher to beat. Gasol had 16 rebounds to complement Kobe Bryant's 34 points in the Lakers' easy win over the New York Knicks on Tuesday.
2 Phoenix Suns
Last Week: 3
Phoenix has been unstoppable at home, winning 14 straight at the US Airways Center dating back to last season. Steve Nash is leading the NBA in assists per game (11.6).
3 Dallas Mavericks
Last Week: 10
The Warriors seem to have the Mavs' number. Golden State beat Dallas on Tuesday despite using only six players. Still, with strong play from Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavericks have been the best team in the Southwest Division.
4 Orlando Magic
Last Week: 7
Dwight Howard has had a slow start to the season. He is averaging 17.4 points and 11.1 rebounds per game after averaging 20.6 ppg and 13.8 rpg last season.
5 Boston Celtics
Last Week: 2
Boston has been cruising and will have to problem winning its division. All five starters are averaging double-digits in scoring. After an injury filled 2008-09 season, Kevin Garnett has played every game and is looking strong.
6 Cleveland Cavaliers
Last Week: 5
After a slow start to the season, Cleveland is back on track. LeBron James is playing at his usual MVP level (29.4 ppg, 8.1 apg) and Shaquille O'Neal is expected to return from a shoulder injury this week.
7 Denver Nuggets
Last Week: 4
Carmelo Anthony is quietly leading the NBA in scoring (30.2 ppg). Center Nene (60 percent shooting) has also been playing well.
8 Portland Trail Blazers
Last Week: 6
Here's what Blazer fans have been waiting two years for: A monster game from center Greg Oden (24 points and 12 rebounds against the Bulls on Monday).
9 Atlanta Hawks
Last Week: 9
Remember when the Hawks were laughstocks a few seasons ago? It's hard to imagine now that Atlanta is one of the top teams in the East.
10 Milwaukee Bucks
Last Week: 13
Brandon Jennings is running away with the Rookie of the Year. He has been the best point guard in the Eastern Conference so far (24.2 ppg, 5.7 apg).
11 Houston Rockets
Last Week: 12
Led by Trevor Ariza and Aaron Brooks, Houston has stayed in playoff contention in the West. Star Tracy McGrady returned to practice this week, so keep an eye on how the team works in their top player.
12 Miami Heat
Last Week: 8
Dwyane Wade has been carrying the Heat as usual, but guys like Mario Chalmers, Michael Beasley, and Jermaine O'Neal have been playing well too.
13 San Antonio Spurs
Last Week: 11
The Spurs have a .500 record. When's the last time that happened? Don't worry, once San Antonio is at full strength, it will be a dominant team once again.
14 Oklahoma City Thunder
Last Week: 15
A great road win in Utah on Tuesday proved that the Thunder isfor real. After going 23-59 last season, OK City is on pace to finish over .500 in 2009-10.
15 Utah Jazz
Last Week: 16
Utah has been playing inconsistent basketball, but I expect coach Jerry Sloan to get this team in shape soon. Point guard Deron Williams is second in the NBA in assists (9.8 per game).
16 Toronto Raptors
Last Week: 18
Forward Chris Bosh is having his best season (25.9 ppg, 11.7 rpg), but the Raptors need better production from point guard Jose Calderon, who is averaging only 6.5 assists per game.
17 Chicago Bulls
Last Week: 14
Point guard Derrick Rose is having a sophomore slump. He is averaging 15.1 points and 5.3 assists per game (down from 16.8 ppg and 6.3 apg as a rookie last season).
18 New Orleans Hornets
Last Week: 20
The Hornets have been one of the league's biggest disappointments. Superstar Chris Paul will miss two more weeks with a sprained left ankle.
19 Philadelphia 76ers
Last Week: 19
Forward Elton Brand showed progress with three straight strong games last week, but then had a clunker against the Wizards (four points on 1 of 9 shooting). Philly desperately needs Brand to be a consistent force in the paint.
20 Los Angeles Clippers
Last Week: 23
LA mixed nice wins over Denver and Oklahoma City with bad losses to Memphis and New Orleans. Center Chris Kaman has not reached 20 points in a game since November 15.
21 Indiana Pacers
Last Week: 21
The scoring ability of defensive swingman Dahntay Jones (17.1 points) has been a nice surprise, but the Pacers can’t count on him to keep up that kind of production.
22 Detroit Pistons
Last Week: 17
Guards Ben Gordon and Rodney Stuckey have been mired in slumps, resulting in a five-game losing streak. The return of guard Richard Hamilton (ankle injury) is uncertain.
23 Golden State Warriors
Last Week: 26
Golden State has been ravaged by injuries. Keep an eye on promising guard Anthony Morrow, who will get more playing time now that Stephen Jackson has been traded. Morrow had 27 points and 9 rebounds against the Mavs on Tuesday.
24 Sacramento Kings
Last Week: 22
After a nice start to the season, Sacramento has come down to Earth. They lost four in a row over the past week. Guard Tyreke Evans (19.0 ppg, 4.8 apg) has been a bright spot.
25 Memphis Grizzlies
Last Week: 28
Winners of four of five games in the past week, things have been looking up for Memphis. OJ Mayo had his first 20-point game in three weeks on Monday against Sacramento.
26 Washington Wizards
Last Week: 25
The Wizards had an emotional one-point win over the 76ers on Tuesday night, just hours after learning about the death of team owner Abe Pollin. Forward Antawn Jamison had 32 points and 14 rebounds in his fourth game back from a shoulder injury.
27 Charlotte Bobcats
Last Week: 24
The Bobcats have major problems in the scoring department. They are averaging 85.3 points per game, second-worst in the NBA. The addition of guard Stephen Jackson will help, but he’ll need a little time to adjust to his new team.
28 New York Knicks
Last Week: 27
Not much has gone right for the Knicks: They don't have the knock-down shooters to make their uptempo offense hum and their big men don't have enough size to match up with the top post players in the NBA.
29 Minnesota Timberwolves
Last Week: 29
The Wolves won their first game of the season, and then have lost 13 in a row. Star forward Al Jefferson (15.8 points, 7.3 rebounds) is clearly not at full strength.
30 New Jersey Nets
Last Week: 30
What a disaster of a season. As of Tuesday, the Nets were three games from tying the NBA record for most losses to start a season (17).

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lakers arent the best team in thge world its the cavs they are going to kill the lakers if they even do get in the playoffs!

CAvaliers ROCK !!!!:)

I know hey!

i luv the cavaliers

these rankings are pretty right but i hate the lakers

BaseballBallerina87 YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

The Nets are SO bad that i'm almost sorry for them, espically after all the offseason moves they made.Devin Harris hasn't become the superstar he was supposed to be...yet.

The Cavs,Magic,and Nuggets all got robbed. And how on earth do u put the lakers at one????? I mean Ty Lawson( nuggets) has dunked bad on them.
And the nuggets whipped them by 30 that game and the lakers have lost the easiest games the magic or Nuggets ( or any other team except New jersey) could have smacked the crack out of them. So here is how i look at it and im not favoring any teams ( i live in JAcksonville, Florida)
#1. Magic
#2. Nuggets
#3. Cavs
#4. Suns
#5. Heat

# 15- 20. Lakers ( who better bring something better cause so far they dont even get in the 2nd round of the playoffs)

Cavs,Magic,And Nuggets all got robbed.

The Nuggets and Magic got robbed and id say the cavs too.
Magic should be 1, Nuggets should be 2, Cavs 3.

so stick with us cause phineas and ferb are gonna do it all!

I like Phineas and Ferb but what does that have to do with the NBA?O_o

What da heck does Phineas and Ferb have to do with NBA?

what is wrong with you

The cavs are the best team

cavs arent lookin so good i gotta go with Denver

Lakers fortunatly wont be able to repeat. Celtics all the way!!!!!!! only celtics fans can respond to this or i will hunt u down

Love, BaseballBallerina87


The Celtics, are you kidding me!!!!!
The Mavs to the finals baby!

Good luck kid. Celctics arent gonna win it Magic and Nuggets all da way!!!

reply to this comment with a ":D" only if you like the celtics. all others, STAY OUT!!! CELTICS FANS ONLY!!! IF U DO NOT, YOU WILL BE TOWED!!!

The cavs rule not the celtics!HAH-HAH-HAH.


hate to bust your bubble buddy but Celtics dont look good the magic will beat easily
plus the nuggets have trambled them not as bad as your rival lakers but still things dont look good :) :) :) that is for the nuggets and magic and.......

:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p is for your stinkin celtics

SportsCenter3 is SO cool

ahem, :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D!!!!!!!!! Celtics are goin' all the way baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Cavs and Lakers stink like gym socks(even LeBron)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's what I'm talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just like SportsCenter3 said reply to this comment with a ":D" only if you like the Celtics. all others, STAY OUT!!! CELTICS FANS ONLY!!! IF U DO NOT, YOU WILL BE TOWED!!!

GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why is Dallas 3rd? Cleveland should take their place

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