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SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 11 267

Am I crazy or does every week in the NFL top the last? Week 11 brought blowouts, nail biters, and enough highlights to boggle your mind. Luckily, you have me and the Fantasy Wizard to help sort through all the action. We'll cover everything from the first place San Diego Chargers to the last place Cleveland Browns. We also talk MVP candidates, including guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Brett Favre. It's not all business, either - listen until the end of our broadcast to hear how we nickname our favorite players! Don't just stand there staring at your computer, click the play button below and check out our back-and-forth!


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he should have to spell the guy who beat his steelers: ryan succoup, cheifs kicker.


Steelers Rule! (Shame, shame)

no he shouldn't

hey people of this buetiful world this is kobe bryant please reply back because i would love to answer your questions :)

1. Kobe Bryant would NEVER talk about Twilight.
2. Kobe Bryant would NEVER be happy unless he drank Mountain Dew, and he only drinks Gatorade(just kidding).

hey girls how many of you like taylor lautner cause i'm obsessed with him did you know he's off of cheaper by the dozen 2 and the twilight series and he is sharkboy!

Twilite STINKS its horroble.

Who is Taylor Lautner? (FYI Twikight stinks, even more than Taylor whats his face)Also, what is sharkboy?

i don't because he's ugly!





Lebron James roxz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so does this website and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank u very much geekslammer

vikings rock and know one can deny it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o and this web site rocks too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 v.s 24 lebron cuzo


You spelled wrong w.r.o.n.d.


my friend likes labron james to and by the way roxs is spelled wrong what grade are you in because i'm in 6th grade and i'm pretty sure roxs is spelled r.o.c.k.s oh and p.s. your welcome

steeler stink why would you say they rule? The EAGLES now they rule! And I like too!

pats pats pats

ahh no you are all wrong. the pats rule. then the saints. and oh yeah if your a collage fan the gators willl chomp all this year


i hate the steelers so i'm with yeah brother or sister it just depends on what type of gender so are you a boy or a girl plaese wright back your friend duck warrior 3 game on bro!

Who's with me?!?!

Hello people of Earth

what do u mean im from jupiter, and a matter of fact im smarter than it.

Hello IT from Pluto

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