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SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 11 267

Am I crazy or does every week in the NFL top the last? Week 11 brought blowouts, nail biters, and enough highlights to boggle your mind. Luckily, you have me and the Fantasy Wizard to help sort through all the action. We'll cover everything from the first place San Diego Chargers to the last place Cleveland Browns. We also talk MVP candidates, including guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Brett Favre. It's not all business, either - listen until the end of our broadcast to hear how we nickname our favorite players! Don't just stand there staring at your computer, click the play button below and check out our back-and-forth!


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GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is weird because apparently, all the people that have commented on this are smart. The Vikings are definitely gonna win the Super Bowl. I think they will beat the Colts in the Super Bowl by 10 points.

well i think the bronko's are going win.

proble they are very good

vikings all the way

you are one can stop the vikings

vikings rule

dude colts are goin to mess up the texans

Hey Redshooter5, look at the colts now! Everyone jumps the gun at the colts just after one bad half. They're becoming known for their comebacks.

then why the heck are they losing 14 to 0. Geeze just becuase you like your team doesn't mean they're going to win. The Bengals all the way baby!!

Colts rock, their going to be number 1 16-0!

I love the Patriots and Bulldogs

Who are the bulldogs

GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea man, Bulldogs Rock

Go Eagles



eagles stink man what about the vikings and the patriots or the colts the eagles wow they picked up micheal vick and don't play him they are just stupid people


eagels sorry panther is going to beat uall

go patriots

this is cool

what is?

i predict the colts will be third in the standings at the end of the season.

Go vikings and the patriots

thank u someone finally agrees with me the vikes and the patriots pwn man pwn

I think the Colts aren't going undefeated,the Falcons are going to the top.

NO way, the colts are going to be number 1 this year, I'm not saying they'll win the super bowl but the colts are the best

I know this is random but when is sikids going to put up fantasy basketball.It has been about a month.

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