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Question of the Week: Best Running Backs

It's one of the most heated debates in the NFL today. You won't believe the wide range of answers to the Question of the Week: 

Who is the running back in the NFL?

Read on for the best answers, and scroll to the bottom of the page to answer the next Question of the Week!... 

It has to be Adrian Peterson. He already broke about four or five records and is the heart and soul of the Vikings running game.
-Bob, Virginia

Chris Johnson for sure. He is hard-hitting, speedy, and agile, which all add up to success. His stats also stand out. He averages 6.7 yards per carry! Also, with the absence of a franchise QB, the Titans can really count on him to make big plays, like his 91-yard TD in Week 2 and his 89-yard TD in Week 8. To me, Chris Johnson stands out above all backs.
-Ashane, California

It is a tough choice but I gotta go with Maurice Jones-Drew. He has one fumble while Peterson has four. MJD is a beast that can power his way through the biggest pile. Twelve TDs, 860 yards in 169 attempts, and his longest run is 80 YARDS. He is smart too. Did you see his play versus the Jets? He kneeled in front of the goal line to let his team run out the clock and win. He's got smarts and skills. He is the perfect package.
-AwesomeBrother84, New Jersey

There are so many great runners in the NFL right now. Adrian Peterson, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Matt Forte are all great at their position. But I'm going to say Cedric Benson of the Cincinnati Bengals. He's having a monster season this year. He's on pace to rush for more than 1,600 yards and 12 touchdowns. He's the reason the Bengals are performing so well.
-LeftyPitcher15, California

When you're a running back, it's more about consistency than big-play ability, that's why I pick DeAngelo Williams as the best RB over say AP, Cedric Benson, or Frank Gore.
-CoachPointGuard, Canada

Michael Turner. He is big, he is strong, and he's fast. As we saw in the past two games he's played in, unless you use absolutely perfect technique trying to tackle him, 10 out of 10 times he'll get by you.
-Joel, Pennsylvania

The best running back in the NFL is definitely Adrian Peterson (aka Stinky Pete). He has nine TDs and over 700 yards, and he can break tackles with ease. I mean, did you see how hard he got William Gay when they played in Pittsburgh? He's just that good.
-Robert, Michigan

There is no possibility that it is any one else but Barber, Marion. He is the very best. He is amazing.
-BaseballCatcher497, Canada

Despite the Wiz's arguments, it's no contest: Adrian Peterson. Not only is he tough and reliable, but the guy is just plain fast.
-BaseballAce3847, Pennsylvania

My answer is Cedric Benson of the Cincinnati Bengals because he has had an amazing season so far.
-BaseballBaseball646, Ohio

Please! Chris Johnson Baby! He is fast and he messed up Buffalo's DL Scott!
-Nate, Tennessee

The best running back in football is Adrian Peterson. He is a dynamic back who has a great team and an excellent career ahead of him. He is fast, elusive, and can run over people. His linemen make him even better.
-Alexis, Colorado

It has to be Adrian Peterson! The guy is a human beast! Not even that, he's the scariest guy on the Vikings! (Sorry Jared Allen)
-DancingEagle8, Indiana

I would have to say Maurice Jones-Drew. MJD is only 5-foot-7, but he's built like a tank. He puts up monster stats on the ground, is a great receiver out of the backfield, and scores tons of touchdowns. He's also improved his blocking. Did you see the hit he put on Shawne Merriman last year?
-Eric, North Carolina

I would have to give the edge to Chris Johnson over Adrian Peterson. Peterson's team has a passing game, so they don't go to him as much. Johnson doesn't have a very good passing game with Kerry Collins or Vince Young, so they give him the ball more. Plus, Johnson is more of a third down back than Peterson, who most of the time is taken out for Chester Taylor, who is a better receiver.
-Jacob, Wisconsin

Adrian Peterson, no doubt about that one! He is fast, can break tackles, and is flat-out good!
-Padraig, Pennsylvania

These past few seasons we've seen some of the greatest tailbacks in a long time. Right at this moment though, the best one is Adrian Peterson. He is the most powerful runner out there. Oh, and by the way, did you see his 64-yard run against the browns in Week 1? INCREDIBLE!
-AceAce343, Connecticut

This is a tough one. I like Maurice Jones-Drew and Chris Johnson. I think Chris Johnson has the slightest edge over Jones-Drew because if you check out the stats, Johnson leads the league in rushing with a team that's only won three games! UNBELEIVABLE! He's got more rushing yards in a harder scenario. Chris Johnson all the way!
-BaseballBro822, Canada

Well, if you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, or you listen to SI Kids RADIO, you know who I’m going to say: Maurice Jones-Drew. He’s the most complete back in the NFL. He can run inside and out, he’s the best pass-catching back in the league, and he’s great picking up the blitz. Adrian Peterson (aka Stinky Pete -- kudos to you, Robert from Michigan) is the best pure runner, and Chris Johnson is the most dangerous big-play threat. But neither are the total package that MJD is.
-The Wiz

Now for this week's question. People are still talking about this play (including Duane from New Jersey and I in our latest podcast). Former Patriots players Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi said it was a terrible decision. But former head coach Jon Gruden and many statisticians have said that Bill Belichick was right to go for it on 4th-and-2 from his own 28 with two minutes left against the Colts.

Obviously, we know now that the play didn't work and Peyton Manning came back and scored the game-winning TD. But if the same situation came up with two minutes to go in a playoff game against the Colts...

If you were Bill Belichick, would you go for it on 4th-and-2 your own 28-yard line?

Just click the question to send in your answer. The best ones will appear in next week's Question of the Week!

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adrian peterson is by far the best especially with LT injured peterson is a MONSTER look at his stats and the vikings are doing awsome listen im a cowboys fan but i still think peterson is the best its so hard to takle him HE IS BEAST

i think theres alot of overrated nfl running backs like clinton portis he stinks theres also marion barbera im a cowboys fan but he needs to do better

its gotta be adrian peterson. with LT hurt peterson is by far the best he is ike a truck!

1.Adrian Peterson
2.Cris Johnson
3.Maurice Jones-Drew
4.Steven Jackson

1.Adrian Peterson
2.Knowshon Moreno
3.Chris Johnson
4.LaDainian Tomlinson
5.Steven Jackson


This is the best 5 running backs.
1. Cedric Benson # 32 Cincinnati Bengals AFC North
2. Adrian Peterson # 28 Minnesota Vikings NFC North
3. Steven Jackson # 39 Saint Louis Rams NFC West
4. Maurice Jones Drew # 32 Jacksonville Jaguars AFC South
For 5., you said ???. But,
5. is LaDanlian Tomlinson # 21 San Diego Chargers AFC West

1. Adrian Peterson
2. Chris Johnson
3. Maruice Jones-Drew
4. Ricky Williams
5. Steven Jackson

what is wrong with you people!! you all made lists and Randy Moss isn't on them he can catch,he can intercept,he can run and to top it off he's on one of the best teams in the league!! what is wrong


i know! PATS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blah i hate foot ball!

why do u hate football it is the best sport in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

r u a girl? i am. (don't think girls don't go on this site, i am like, the biggest sports fan in my family and know the most about sports. I am telling the truth.)

whats wrong with u football is awsome

What is wrong with you?

Recently it has been Chris Johnson. Peterson isn't having as good a year as last year.

It has to be Ronnie Brown. Have you seen what he's done to this dolphins offense. It doesn't matter if he's injured, he still is the best running back.

ronnie brown stinks adrian peterson is by far better!

The best running back is Chris Peterson or Adrian Johnson

Adrian Peterson rocks. There was one game where he scored a 50+ yard touchdown. He did that because when one guy came up to him he totally headbutted him and kept on running. Adrian Peterson is the absolute best of all.

so not true. Cedric Benson should.

so true

nice going your on my side

obviously it's between AP, CJ, and MJD. I also think Frank Gore is a good contender. I'm gonna have to go with AP he has everything he's fast, he's big, he can run over guys, and he can make em miss. I think CJ is also another good contender leading the league in rushing yards.

Lesean McCoy is the best runningback the when my team the eagles picked him up they found out he works as a receiver as well. Helping his team when Sunday with Westbrook as usual makes him a big player on this team one of the best draft picks going along with D. Jackson and Maclin.

peterson is a beast. if you have a second check out my game and tell me how you like it. it is called mcain vs obama. but spell it right!

there is a couple of running backs that have been explosive and they are 1.Chris Johnson 2.Ricky Williams 3.Maurice Jones-Drew 4.Michael Turner 5.DeAngelo Williams 6.Cedric Benson 7.Adrian Peterson 8.Rashard Mendenhall 9.LaDainian Tomlinson 10.Thomas Jones 11.Ray Rice 12.Pierre Thomas 13.Regie Bush that all I can think of it might not be in order but there all great tail backs.

Chris Johnson stinks, Ricky Williams has not had a great season, Maurice Jones Drew is awesome, Michael Turner has had his best season in his career, DeAngelo Williams stinks, Cedric Benson is the best running back, Adrian Peterson stinks, Rashard Mendhall, who is he and he stinks, LaDanlian Tomlinson is awesome, Thomas Jones is great, Ray Rice, who is he and he stinks, Pierre Thomas, who is he and he stinks, Reggie Bush is awesome. And what is a tail back?

Adrian Peterson is rockin that pic. of him look just like him.

He is not rockin'.

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