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NEW Shaun White Snowboarding Game

Shaun White's snowboarding game was one of my favorite sports games of 2008. I especially loved carving up virtual mountains in the Wii version and the way that it seamlessly integrated the Wii Balance Board into gameplay. And now, a year later, the game gets a quickie follow-up. (Watch a trailer of the game to the right!)
The new game is called Shaun White Showboarding: World Stage. The object of the game is to win various kinds of snowboarding events, earn stars, and climb the charts until you're the number-one-ranked boarder in the world.
The game looks terrific on the Wii. And the gameplay, which once again incorporates the Wii Balance Board and Wiiremote motions to pull off tricks, is terrific fun to play.

One of the best new additions to the game is the ability to create your own tricks. In fact, every trick in the game can be replaced with your user-created tricks. This degree of self-expression is something the Sports Gamer would like to see more of in his sports games in 2010.
On the downside, the single-player experience is on the short side. Most gamers will burn through the whole thing in a weekend or two.
Still, overall this is one of the Wii's better games. I suggest adding it to your Christmas list and starting your “I'll-be-good” campaign NOW.
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go shaun go

I'm a big fan of Shaun. AND I SOOOO WANT THAT GAME!!!!!

i just joined sikids

Sounds neat, worth my money

I really don't like the cartoon characters on world stage, but it sounds cool. I think it is worth my holiday money.

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