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New Madden NFL ’10 Gameplay Mode Revealed!

Seems EA is looking to keep your copy of Madden NFL '10 locked securely inside your 360s and PS3s this year. Come January, a new downloadable game will be available that will have Madden-heads chest bumping for joy.
It's called Madden Ultimate Team. Here's how it works: Gamers can collect cards from platinum, gold, silver, and bronze virtual card packs. You can collect rare cards, like the 1995 Packers-era Brett Favre playing card. Or you can collect all the cards for players who actually played together in college, giving your team an overall chemistry boost.
Play well, earn more coins, and purchase more virtual card packs. (You can also acquire card packs via auctions or through EA's online store.) Once you've arranged your ultimate team to your liking, it's time to take it onto the field and find out what you're worth either against the CPU or, better still, against other living, breathing human opponents.
Collect the right cards. Put together your dreamiest dream team. Then come challenge the Sports Gamer's ultimate team online.
See you there!
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i have it

My dad got it on PS3. I'm jealous he don't let me play when he isn't home.

i have madden 10 on psp xbox xbox360 psp2 psp3 psp1 and on my ipod

it not on xbox only on 360

i have it 4 ps3 and i didnot know that

I realy want that game. Most of my friends have it.

Can u do that on WII to?


i got madden 10 for 360! oh yea

I got maddan 10 on ps2

Hey! brother I have Madden 10 for Wii

Dang. I hane Madden 10 for PS2.

i have it for the wii

i have it for ps3

I have it for Wii

Dang. I have PS2 Madden10

I want that

Man, that sounds awesome!

The game has alot of cool new features.

Iwant madden 10


Players run so slow in Maddden 10!

Do you have Madden 09, BaseballBallerina87? If you do, the players run so fast!(Also, John Madden does commentary in it!)

What is the best sports game of all time?

nhl 2k10 all the way

that wasn't the kind of answer i wanted.

Any Mario game.

That looks awesome!

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