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Question of the Week: Franchise Players

Lots of good answers to our franchise player question, as readers tended to lean towards quarterbacks. But what might surprise you is which quarterbacks got picked.

So scroll to the bottom of the page to answer the next Question of the Week, but first read the answers to this week's question:




If you were starting an expansion NFL franchise today, who is the one player you'd want the most for your team?

I'd definitely choose Peyton Manning. You need to start your team with a QB, and he is simply the greatest of all time.
-Ben, Massachusetts

If I could pick any player to build my team around, I might have to pick Colt McCoy. This guy has a strong arm, and if he has to he can run the ball well. Peyton Manning would be my second choice.
-BasketballMajor1, Indiana

Tom Brady. One of the greatest quarterbacks ever. Look at the years before Randy Moss and Wes Welker. His supporting cast on offense wasn’t great and the defense was just solid. He single handedly (almost anyways) led the Pats to the Super Bowl. This man is what you call clutch. How many times have you turned the game on and just watch the fourth quarter, two minutes left, and watched him work his magic. This man is a legend in the making.
-Shreyas, Georgia

I'd go with Drew Brees. He's not exactly young, but he can connect with almost any receiver. His leadership would mature young players for when he retires. Drew Brees is the guy to go with.
-Adam, Canada

I would build it around Tom Brady. He is a strong player and has great leadership.
-Kevin, New Jersey

I would pick Colt McCoy. He has blazing speed, a super arm, and can get you out of tough situations.
-Jake, Florida

I would build a franchise around Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. You need a solid quarterback to be the foundation of a team, and Brady or Manning would be the best choices.
-FootballAce704, New Jersey

You need a guy like Donovan McNabb who can throw the ball around to anyone. From Larry Fitzgerald to Terrell Owens, any receiver can be on a play with McNabb on the team. Oh yeah, D-Von got SPEED!
-SuperstarShortstop14, Pennsylvania

Peyton Manning. Once you have him, you can focus on other positions.
-Alex, Wisconsin

I think I would build a franchise around Tom Brady. Most people will agree with me when I say that he is the best quarterback in all of the NFL. I mean, the Pats beat the Titans 59-0! With all of his Super Bowl rings, and his great durability, he is definitely my choice to build a franchise around.
-HockeySuperhero5, Massachusetts

AP he is the best running back in the NFL and all you need is someone to hand the ball to him and you could start out a so-so team.
-Justin, Missouri

I always have thought that you must start a team from the ground up: good running game and a solid defense. But both require many good players to establish. Since I can only pick one, I'll pick Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans. He doesn't run his mouth, he's a team captain, he's young, he's incredibly gifted, and he could be the face of any franchise for a long, long time.
-Joel, Pennsylvania

Peyton Manning is the guy I'd start with. He is obviously a great player, but he also brings a leadership quality, which is very important. He finds a way to get all his receivers involved, and he makes big plays when he needs to.
-BaseballAce3847, Pennsylvania

I would pick Adrian Peterson because he is very young, so I will have him for a very long time. Having a great back will do so much for you. He is arguably the best player in the NFL.

I would choose Mark Sanchez. Even though the team would get crushed, he would brighten up the future years for the team. Either him, or Adrian Peterson, who would carry the team now.
-Calvin, New Jersey

I would pick Tim Tebow. He could play almost every position and the wildcat.
-Parker, Pennsylvania

I would have to go with Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts. Quarterback is the most important position in the game, Mannning is an experienced veteran who is also the best QB in the NFL right now. Most importantly though, Manning is a proven winner.
-Eric, North Carolina

My gut says go with Peyton, but I don't like the fact that he's already 33 years old and would be in his late 30s before my team was ready to compete. I was also thinking Ben Roethlisberger, but the way he holds onto the ball he'd get crushed behind an expansion team's o-line. So I'm making a much bolder pick: Denver Broncos offensive tackle Ryan Clady. In my mind, left tackle is the second-most important position in football (after quarterback). Your left tackle is responsible for protecting your QB's blindside, plus he's a big part of your running game. I want to make sure that, whoever my quarterback is, he won't get killed. Clady is only 23 years old, and judging from what he's done over his first season-plus, he could be one of the all-time greats. I'd be set at left tackle for the next 10-to-15 years.
-The Wiz

Now for this week's question. We all see plenty of big hits on the highlight reels every week, but I want to know...

Who is the hardest hitter in the NFL?

Just click the question to send in your answer. The best ones will appear in next week's Question of the Week!

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Peyton Manning, he's averaged about 300yards/game and will just not throw an interception. He can make the best or worst reciever in the world better.

Carson Palmer. That game agasint the Bears was awsome. They're going to win the AFC North. The old Bengals are back!!!!!!

Fitz, Aaron Curry, Michael Orr, Adrian Peterson, MJD or Derek Anderson (joking :)

ill just go with Adrian Peterson. He's a beast

Elvis Dumervil is the best defensive player in the league, The Broncos are the third best team in the league behind the Colts and Saints:]

You won't. We hit to hard you hit to soft.We have to many receivers and you don't have enough We have backups you don't. We have 1,000 times of abetter defense than you. Lastly, its at Philadelphia. Am I right or Am I right.

wade phillips needs to make miles austin a franchise player he rocks GO COWBOYS TIED FOR 1ST IN NFC EAST WE NEED TO BEAT EAGLES!


Go Broncos, not Cowboys!

brady or moss

Get Larry Fittz

go shreyas from georgia! (third answer) FYI, tom brady went to michigan. there, you just learned something new today!! TOM BRADY ROCKS!

brady, moss,light,moroney,mannings,and jones-drew rock!

wat up cus

As being an eagles I've seen no player hit harder than Brian Dawkins. Forcing especially like the big game on Thanksgiving last year against the Cardinals. Bigs hits and the forced fumble that sounded like my grandmas T.V had surround sound on Anquan Boldin. He can can do it all despite his age as he continues with Denver.

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