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MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Review

The MotorStorm series finally comes to the PSP and the PSP go, and I’m happy to report that it’s every bit as good as its console cousins.
The game is set on a series of snow-covered, brutally steep mountains in the Alaskan wilderness. You’ve got 24 vehicles spread out over eight different classes to choose from. There are the trademark Motocross Bikes and Big Rigs that you’ve seen in previous games, but this time Sony has also thrown in some appropriately snow-friendly vehicles as well, like the Snowmobile and the Snowcat. Nice.
The true test of any good racing game comes down to its sense of speed. And MotorStorm: Arctic Edge definitely nails the white-knuckle feeling of sailing along the edge of a cliff at 180 miles per hour while a Big Rig, horn wailing away, tries to nudge you to your doom.
It’ll take you a week or so to learn all the nuances of the game’s 12 reversible courses, but once you do, you’ll be discovering clever ways to shave .0002 seconds via the game’s numerous shortcuts.
Best of all, it’s bright and colorful and loud. For a handheld racer, this little doggie sure bites like a much bigger dog. Sports Gamer Pro Tip: Load times are shorter on the PSP go. If you’ve got the go, definitely skip the UMD and download the game to your hard drive. 
Recommended. (In stores and available for download now.)
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so cool looks fun

I want a PSP and that game.

PSP is lame. Snooze-fest.

The gam is awsome I own it and there are alot of tracks!

This game is just as good as the other motorstorms, but could it's missing the heavy crashes the other ones have.

whats the Point of this game????

I would say for peple to enjoy.

What the heck is the point of this game?

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