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Gamer Preview: LEGO Rock Band

If you like music and you like LEGO--and if you don’t like those two things, your space ship is waiting for you outside--then you’re going to dig LEGO Rock Band. (In stores November 3rd.)
The game lets you build your band, quite literally. Building your lead singer and bass player out of LEGO pieces before watching them take the stage is really exciting, and more importantly, funny.
For some reason, watching a bunch of LEGO pieces perform the theme from “Ghostbusters,” or the Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” is absolutely hilarious.  

The game features a couple of new modes, like Auto Drum-kick (in case you don't feel like pressing the pedal every other second, or if your leg gets tired) and Super Easy mode for anyone who just kind of wants to keep time with the music, but doesn't want to worry about anything else. (Expert will still be hard as nails, FYI.)
One other big difference between LEGO Rock Band and regular Rock Band: You never fail in this game. Play poorly, and you'll lose LEGO studs. Get yourself together before the end of the song, and you'll get a chance to earn all of those studs back again. (Studs can be used to buy and build vehicles and more band members, or gamers can always focus on decorating their “Rock Den.”)
Sports Gamer only has two weaknesses in life: NERF and LEGO (well, three actually: P. B. & J. sandwiches are the third). Now, if we can only get a NERF Rock Band, I’ll be the happiest gamer on earth.
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lego rocks so why make a game call lego rock band

i think this is just a scam to get little kids to buy rockband

No i think the game is great. I have almost beat it. It has the best setlist out of every rock band and guitar hero!

Game looks really weird but cool

They Wasted there time its nothing different

played it, love it. it has an awesome setlist. Put it on your holiday list. Add DJ hero as well

Same here!

i dont know about this game looks cool how you can build your band and stuf but i have never owned a rockband game

that is vey sad, no rockband game, wow.

i need to try this

Sounds cool, but Guitar Hero still owns Rock Band by a mile. I would buy LEGO Hero in two seconds, but LEGO Rock Band, not so sure.


that is cool

Yeah! Want to get "The Beatles Rock Band" too!

i don't know why the best games need the best videogame systems they must be for pc :P

it sounds cool but wierd but then again things that aree like that are usually cool.

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