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Fantasy Quickies: What We Learned in Week 4

Another week, another round of fantasy musings from Duane From NJ. Keep reading to see my latest Fantasy Football thoughts.


#1 – Steve Smith (11 catches, 134 yards, 2TDs) and Eli Manning = Peanut Butter & Jelly. I know everyone got excited a couple of weeks ago when Mario Manningham hung 150 receiving yards on the Dallas Cowboys. But I’ve said all along that Steve Smith is Manning’s preferred target. He lacks Manningham’s burst, but he sports more reliable hands and he’s a much better route-runner at this stage of his career. If you’re set on adding a Giants receiver, Smith’s the way to go.


#2 – Braylon Edwards is a New York Jet. So what. I’m not saying the guy isn’t talented. He is! But after four weeks worth of games, he has 10 catches, 139 yards and zero touchdowns. Steve Smith surpassed that line in one game! Don’t get caught up in the hype: keep Edwards on the bench until he proves he’s a reliable fantasy starter again.


#3 – Keep an eye on Rashard Mendenhall (165 rushing yards, 2 TDs). He won’t start so long as Willie Parker’s healthy. But after tap-dancing all over the San Diego Chargers last week, Pittsburgh has to find more playing time for this guy. Plus… when is Willie Parker ever healthy (zing!)? Monitor the injury wires, and if you notice Parker’s sidelined, don’t hesitate to give Mendhy a start in your backfield.


#4 – LaDainian Tomlinson (7 carries, 15 yards), meet Terrell Owens (3 catches, 60 yards). I told you last week that Owens was done as a consistent fantasy threat. Let’s add LTt2nd to the list as well. No matter how much he argues otherwise, his days as the best back in the league are clearly behind him.


#5 – Week 4 Decepticons: LT (sorry dude), Darren McFadden (6 carries, -3 yards, Megatron Award winner), Julius Jones (11 carries, 25 yards, when’s the last time this guy had a big game?), Devin Hester (1 catch, 2 yards, 2 FRIGGIN’ YARDS!), Roy Williams (3 catches, 35 yards, 100% bum-juice, not from concentrate).


#7 – Mail time. So many of you guys left questions in the comments section from last week, I decided to dedicate the rest of this week’s post to providing answers. Let’s get it!


#8 – I need advice: I'm in 9th place and I’m up against the team in first place in my league. I have Manning, Romo, Williams, Moss, Ward, Witten, Forte, Jones, Akers as kicker, and the Cowboys as Defense. What would you do?



One word: Overhaul. Other than Manning, EVERYONE on your team is expendable. Romo ($7,750,000) and Williams ($4,500,000) especially; they aren’t producing at all. Imo, there’s at least one must-have at every position (minus Kicker and DST) right now: Drew Brees at quarterback, Adrian Peterson at running back, Reggie Wayne at wide receiver, Tony Gonzalez at tight end. I’d figure out a way to add those guys to my roster for starters, then build around them with the money you have left over.

#9 – I need some help. I’m 3-1-0 and second in the league, down 5723 to 5289. I have Brady, P. Manning, B. Edwards, A. Boldin, W. Welker, W. McGahee, G. Olsen, J. Feely, Saints D. Please help me!



Not a bad team DD11. I’d drop Edwards though. Even at $6,000,000, he’s not worth the money. DeSean Jackson costs the same price, and has much more value. I’d also get rid of McGahee ($6,750,000) and replace him with Ray Rice ($5,500,000) if you insist on having a Ravens running back, and drop Olsen because the Bears have a bye this week.


#10 – Hey I`m looking for some serious help right now. I`m 1-2 (prior to Week 4’s games). My team right now is, Brady, E.Manning, MJD, Chris Johnson, Fitzgerald, R.Moss, R.Williams, Shockey, Tynes, Giants D. Any advice?



Hmmm… I kinda like your team CB49. I’d drop Roy Williams (I have no idea why you guys all love him so much), and Shockey ($5,250,000, bye week), and replace them with Steve Smith ($4,750,000) and Brent Celek ($4,750,000). Otherwise, you should be ok.


For everyone else… keep those comments coming! I’ll be answering questions right up until the start of the first game on Sunday, and I’ll get to the rest in next week’s post.



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Yo Duane,

I am in 9th place in my league. NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!

I have T. Brady,M. Sanchez,T. Heap,J. Reed,L. White,L. Fitzgerald,R. Mandenhall,B. Marshall,J. Maclin,Houston Texans D.

Hey DNJ i have my week six roster.Do you think you can help me out. My players are B. Rothensburger, M. Ryan, C. Benson, MJD, W. Welker, B. Marshall, L. Fitzgerald, H. Miller, L. Tynes, Ravens Defence. If you'd do anythingto it, tell me.

P.S. I lost last week because of you're tips! -_-

thx, dmunn! u really helped me!!!!! i think i might win!


is dmunn dwane from nj?


No prob' little homie!

i got a. gates in g. olsen's place. was that a good idea?

Ah dude. You picjed up Gates for Week 5? The Chargers have a bye this week (he's a good pick for Week 6 though).

Hey DNJ, I'm tied for first in my league and I'm playing the team that I am tied with this week. I have P. Manning, D. Brees, Mendenhall, All Day, steve smith(giants), Wayne, Jackson, and T. Gonzzolez. I have yet to find a kicker or DET. Also Gonzolez is good but He takes up a lot of money. I need help!

Hey DNJ, I'm in 11th in my league. I have QBs Schaub and Brees, RBs Peterson and Barber, WRs Wayne, Smith(Giants.Took your advice.), and Moss, TE Witten, K Tynes, and Cowboys D set for my Week 5 lineup. Any Ideas that might help me climb up the leaderboard?



Hmm... Try getting rid of Barber ($8,250,000, at least until he proves he's healthy again and capable of carrying the ball 20 times a game), Witten ($8,000,000, hasn't done much at all this year), and the Cowboys DST ($8,000,000, see: Witten). If you're trying to say in the same price range, try adding these guys as replacements: Ronnie Brown ($8,000,000, facing a tough Jets defense, but he's the focal point of Miami's offense and should put up numbers), Heath Miller ($6,000,000, turning into Ben Roethlisberger's fave target) and Green Bay Packers DST ($8,100,000, better than Dallas', imo). You should also have a few extra bucks left over, so if there's someone else you want to add, fool around with your lineup and see what you can get.

Thanks for the advice both of you. Im kepping Bolden and Rothensburger though because I think they'll have good games this week.

I am really not sure how I am in 1st (not really complainig). But could i just get some advice on my team.(i have $100,000 left and a total of 6340 points total this season).
Matt Schaub Houston Texans
Tom Brady New England Patriots
Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings
Ronnie Brown Miami Dolphins
Wes Welker New England Patriots
Randy Moss New England Patriots
Chad Ochocinco Cincinnati Bengals
Heath Miller Pittsburgh Steelers
Stephen Gostkowski New England Patriots
Jacksonville Jaguars


I know why you're in first place. You put together an awesome team! Lol. I'd be hesitant to run with Wes Welker at this point, as he's still recovering from knee issues and only had five catches last week. But otherwise, you seem to have a pretty nice handle on picking a team. The ONLY real advice I'd offer is to pay close attention to the matchups your players are involved in every week. For example, Chad Johnson hasn't historically played many good games against the Ravens defense. Even though Baltimore's D isn't good at all this year, it might make sense to sit him for a week if you can find a quality receiver in the same price range with a more favorable matchup.

ArtistAthlete113 Rothlisberger may be okay as they play the lions on the road,but may need to be removed after that. Tynes isn't going to be getting many points as the giants are known for getting touchdowns this season. Get a kicker for some other team like oakland,buffalo,or even miami who is scores with the field goals. The ravens d isn't like last year so maybe get my team, the eagles defense, this week as they play the struggling bucs at home. Finally get rid of Boldin he's not as much of a threat this year and may have injury problems. And just on Remember the Titans Denzel Washington says "Petey you do not fumble my football" is just like Boldin being in his shoes fumbling the football ever since last year against the eagles on Thanksgiving hard his all around by Dawkins,Hanson,Mikell, and everybody else on the defense for the eagles.


Dude. You trying to take my job? Lol. I disagree about Roethlisberger. Somewhat. The Lions are a favorable matchup, but if Eli plays this week, he's up against the Raiders, which is even more favorable. Tynes is fine also. He's not going to get you a ton of points. But he only costs $5,000,000, which will in turn allow you to spend more money at other positions. No kicker is ever going to get you so many points that it warrants spending a ton of money on them, so I just get a nice-solid guy to do the job and invest my cash elsewhere. Boldin hasn't been great this year. But no one on the Cardinals has. Coming off their bye week, I expect they'll begin to turn things around this week against Houston's suspect passing defense.

HELP ME! Im 8th in my league and here's my roster, P. Manning, Rothensburger, Jones-Drew, Addai, Boldin, Ward, Wayne, Miller, Tynes, and Ravens D. Can you please help me!!!!!!!!!!!

Why so many Steelers? Drop Roethlisberger (for Matt Ryan or Eli Manning), Addai (for Cedric Benson maybe, or Rashard Mendenhall if Willie Parker misses another game), Ward (for Santonio Holmes; he's Pittsburgh's best receiver now) and the Ravens D (for Minnesota's). Actually, cutting the Ravens D will free up some extra cash that might allow you to upgrade at other positions. Play around a bit and see if you can't come up with a better combination.

I need some help with my team. I'm 4th in my league and I'm 3-1. I think my team needs lots of improvement though, because I think I've been getting lucky. I have Brees, Shaun Hill, Peterson, MJD, Fitzgerald, P. Harvin, Steve Smith (NYG), Vernon Davis, Jason Elam, and 49ers DST. I still have $1,450,000 left, I don't know what I should do with it.

Whoa. I think you're overreacting homie. Big time. First off, you're 3-1 after four games. THAT'S AWESOME! It means you're either tied for the best record in your league, or, at worst, one game behind the person with the best record. Second, your team ain't bad at all. The only questionable choice I see is Shaun Hill. And you probably picked him in order to stack up talent at the other positions. So in this case, I think patience is best. Don't be in such a rush to change your team up week-to-week that you wreck it. And if you insist on making changes, see what you can do by switching out Hill, and maybe Vernon Davis. But that's it!

Hey DNJ! I have a new team for WEEK 5. Favre, Peyton, All Day, Coffee, Holmes, Harvin, Wayne, Clark, Gostkowski, Ravens D.


Whattup mannnnnn!? I'm not crazy about Favre. Gotta be honest with you. But it's hard to argue that pick after the day he had against the Packers. I would get rid of Harvin and the Ravens D though. Percy's been hampered by migraines for the last two games, and the Ravens D is nowhere near as good as it used to be. They're living off reputation right now, and reputation is good for zero total points in fantasy land.

Take off Tynes and the giants defense when you look at the schedule it says the Giants are playing at Kansas City so their not going to be perfect. Maybe like my defense the eagles this week they are playing the buc's at home. Besides Tynes go for also my kicker Stephen Janikowski for the raiders. Since they don't score a lot of touchdowns they always use the kicking game and he can get distance.

I'm an Eagles fan and in one of these years Brent Celek is gonna be a pro bowler he can big yards and never fumgles the football and you need the whole team to tackle him.

You said "fumgles". Hahahahaha. I'm gonna use "fumgles" in a sentence during next week's round of Fantasy Quickies. You're right about Celek though; I don't know if he's a guaranteed Pro Bowler, but he's been bringing the goods all season.

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