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Fantasy Quickies: What We Learned in Week 3

Don't finalize those Week 4 rosters just yet! Be sure to check out my thoughts regarding last week's games before gearing up for your team's next matchup... 

#1 – Terrell Owens (0 catches) might be done as a consistent impact receiver. Sure, he’ll still rattle off a big game here and there. But if Trent Edwards can’t find a receiver with T.O.’s skill-set on a regular basis in September, imagine how much harder it will be when the temperature starts dipping in Buffalo. Add in Terrell’s penchant for dropping balls… and, well, find another receiver. 

#2 – Stay away from the Dallas running backs. At least for now. Marion Barber (MIA last weekend) and Felix Jones (94 yards) are hurt… but not seriously. That means lots of game-time decisions over the next few weeks. Which means lots of frustration if you select the wrong Cowboys runner.

However… if you insist on taking a Dallas RB this week… go with Tashard Choice (118 total yards, 1 TD).

#3 – Don’t believe the hype. All these guys had big Week 3’s. And all of them have issues that should make you hesitate before adding them to your roster: Santana Moss (10 catches, 178 yards, 1 TD, an all-or-nothing receiver who most often gives you nothing), Willie Parker (129 total yards, 1 TD, brittle as bread crumbs), Steven Jackson (163 total yards, see: Willie Parker).

#4 – Glen Coffee (25 carries, 54 yards) = not a bad replacement pick. I know. The numbers say otherwise. But check it out: San Francisco 49ers starter Frank Gore has been shut down until at least mid-October. Coach Mike Singletary has already gone on record as saying Coffee’s the guy while Gore’s gone, and that he won’t alter the team’s offensive approach with Coffee in the backfield. That means roughly 25 more chances for Coffee to get himself straightened out against a suspect St. Louis Rams defense.

#5 – After Stinky Pete the Great (19 carries, 85 yards), the best player on the field in this weekend’s Minnesota-Green Bay tilt will be… Percy Harvin (4 catches, 51 yards). Don’t get carried away by Brett Favre’s (301 passing yards, 2 TDs) late-game heroics against the 49ers last week. If Niners CB Dre’ Bly catches a gimme interception the series before, Favre would be the villain headed into this weekend’s game against the Lambeau Leapers. As is, he’s facing a much tougher defense in Green Bay, one that has the added motivation of sticking it to Benedict Brett.

#6 – Drew Brees is human after all. 172 passing yards and no touchdowns means Brees did little to help your fantasy team last week. He’s still an automatic start… but be careful. Rex Ryan, head coach of the New York Jets (New Orleans opponent in Week 4), had success against Breezy and the Saints back when he was coaching the Ravens defense.

#7 – Other keepers that failed to deliver the goods last week: Matt Ryan (199 passing yards, 0 TDs), Tony Gonzalez (1 catch, 16 yards), Santonio Holmes (1 catch, 18 yards).

Don’t worry. They’ll rebound!

#8 - Week 3 Fantasy MVP: Maurice Jones-Drew (147 total yards, 3 TDs). MJD brought the goods last week, plain and simple.

He’s still not better than SPtG though. J

#9 – Week 3’s  Decepticons: Kellen Winslow, this week’s winner of the Megatron Award (3 catches, 14 yards), Larry Johnson (19 carries, 38 yards), Cadillac Williams (11 total yards) and Derrick Ward (9 total yards).

#10 - A word of advice for BasketballMajor1. For those of you unaware, BBallMajor1 and I have been trading fantasy talk all week via the comments section of my last football blog. Here's the last question he asked:

Hey dmunn, thx! The only problem is that I'm down 4974 to 5460 right now, I'm 2nd in my league, and he's 1st. My team: Brees (thanks for the advice, my team seems a lot better now), Manning, Peterson, Coffee, Hester, Fitzgerald, Ochocinco, Witten, Vinateri, Giants D.

If you're looking to catch this guy, here's what I would do. Get rid of Hester, Fitzgerald and Witten. Here's why: Hester has yet to prove himself a capable wide receiver, so why spend the money on him (even if he only costs a bit more than $5,000,000)? Fitzgerald? He's a superstar... but right now he's not producing at a level befitting the $9,250,000 you spent to put him on your roster. Same deal with Witten. If you remove all three, that's about... $24,000,000 you'll have to spend. Focus that cash on acquiring a top-flight receiver in the $6-8M range (like Vincent Jackson or Reggie Wayne), a low budget all-star wideout in the $5-6M range (like, Mario Manningham or DeSean Jackson), and a the best tight end you can afford with the cash you have left (most-likely, Tony Gonzalez). Good tight ends are a lot harder to find then good wideouts, so it's normally a good idea to spend your fantasy dollars accordingly. Hope this helps!

And if any of you guys feel it's no fair for me to be helping BBallMajor1... don't be a hater! Send in your questions and I'll help you too!

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im tied first

TO is a big cheater


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and I like nothing

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broncos will win it all

Broncos suck

The Broncos are a bad football team.


DUDE,next time don't get anybody fired up if your not gonna catch the ball.

to stinks

He Stinks

tony romo is garbage


you got that right go Donavan McNabb!


tony romo stinks same with kerry collins


Terral Owens used to be good!Not anymore!

uh someone join steelers

Keep Aaron Rodgers this week as they play at home against the lions. Drop Brady. Yes, drop Brady he's wasting your money he's really not that good believe me I'm in first place. The Jaguars are palying at home against the rams so keep Drew. He may do good good against houston,but I'm not so sure. Pittsburghs defense is shaky right now even though Polamalu's back they won't be on the top of their game. Tynes dosen't kick many field goals so try the kicker for the bills or even browns who don't get many touchdowns.

I need Help PLEASE I GOT aaron rodger and Tom Brady as QB's RB's are Maurice Jones-Drew and Cedric Benson Wr are NAte Burleson, Randy Moss and Greg Jennings TE is Brent Celek and Lawerence Tynes and PIT Def

I need some help. I'm down 6779-6729 and my record is 1-4. I need to go against the team in third place. I have H. Ward, R. Moss, T.O., J. Jones, B. Rothesburger, T. Brady, D. Clark, D. Akers as kicker and the Vikings D. What do you think?

Get rid of T.O.

dont play T.O. or J. Jones they aqre both bust and Dallas Clark has bye this week play Brent Celek the guy from Philly and who is your other QB

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can catch better than that

I am in 11th in my league and have QBs Schaub and Brees, RBs Peterson and Barber, WR Wayne, Smith (Giants from your advice), Moss, TE Witten, K Tynes, and Cowboys D as my new week 5 lineup. You have any ideas that might help me out?


Leave sca

Can you help me I have P. Manning, Rothensburger, Jones-Drew, Addai, boldin, ward, wayne, tynes, and Baltimore Defence but I still can`t win. what do i do.

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