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EXCLUSIVE: Free Realms Soccer Game

Free Realms is an MMO, which is gamer-speak/nerd-speak for "massively multiplayer online game." Translation: it's a virtual world where you and a bunch of other people can get together in do stuff.
Free Realms is different from most MMOs in the sense that it's, um, free to play (most MMO's levy a monthly charge to players/users) and the focus isn't on fighting ogres and beasts, but on hanging out and having a good time.
I recently delved into the world of Free Realms and discovered a totally cool new soccer game. Check out the trailer to your right and keep reading for exclusive screens.
The game features odd jobs like Chef, Ninja, Pet Trainer, etc. But the game lets users take on a new job: Soccer Star.
You can play three-on-three games against other Free Realms-goers, or against the A.I. (if your friends are offline). You can pull off cool-looking slide tackles and passes, and charge up your kicks for that little extra oomph when you need it. Power-ups are scattered around the playing field that give players speed and toughness boosts. And, if dressing up is your thing, there are six complete sets of soccer clothes for you to try on.
No, it's not FIFA '10 – but I didn't expect it to be. What you will find in Free Realms is a surprisingly fun soccer sim that has more depth than you’d expect. The game goes live today, so you can try your hand at being a Soccer Star now!
Here are some exclusive screen shots from the game...
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