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What to Watch: Weekend Baseball

The leaves are turning, it’s getting darker earlier and Starbucks has brought back its Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yup, it’s fall.

For a lot of teams this is a boring and depressing time of year when they no longer matter. But for a select few, these last weeks of the regular season can set the tone for how they head into the most important baseball of the year. Check out the must see battles taking place this weekend…

Friday: St. Louis Cardinals at Colorado Rockies
The Cardinals and Rockies series this weekend could be a playoff preview. If the Cards finish with a better record than the Phillies, Colorado would be their foe in the NLDS. If the Phillies edge them out, we could see this match-up in the NLCS. Don’t miss a chance to get an early glimpse into October baseball.

Saturday: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
This weekend series is the last time the Red Sox and Yankees will meet before a potential match-up in the ALCS. The Sox won the first eight games against the Yankees this season, but the Bombers bounced back taking six of the last seven. With two aces on the mound in CC Sabathia and Daisuke Matsuzaka, see which team comes out as top dog in one of baseball’s best rivalries.

Sunday: Minnesota Twins at Kansas City Royals
Right now the Twins trail the Tigers by three games in the AL Central. The Royals may be a last place team, but to gain any ground Minnesota will have to go through Zack Greinke. With a 2.08 ERA and 25 quality starts, Greinke seems like a sure thing for the AL Cy Young award. See if he can pad his stats against a team desperate for wins.

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The series matters because the yankees are going for the al east and 100 wins

I think the Yankees are going to win the AL East and get at least 100 wins. Go New York Yankees!


The Phillies are closing in on the division and look to at least split with the BrewCrew. Go Phillies.

I agree with you SuperstarShortstop14. The Phillies are going to split whit the Brewers.

I don't think that the Cards' and Rockies' series will matter. Both are going to make the postseason. Sox vs. Yanks isn't as big as it should be. Boston should be 2,maybe 3 games back, not 7! Oh, well, at least they'll make the playoffs(I'm a huge Sox fan myself).Minnesota deserves a spot, after last year. Tied with Chicago at the end of the season, only to lose the deciding game? That's crushing. They won't get past New York in the ALDS. The championship series will obviously be Sox-Yanks. Fingers crossed it won't be like last year!

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