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Question of the Week: AL Cy Young Award

Yet again the readers of the Dugout Dispatch prove that they’re the best in the world. While some people might be blinded by CC Sabathia’s 18 wins, my readers know that when it comes to pitching, there are more important factors to consider.

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Who should win the American League Cy Young Award?

I would have to say Zack Greinke. Even though I am an Angels fan, I believe that he deserves the AL Cy Young Award. He has a mean curveball, his changeup is great, and Zack's fastball ties up his arsenal. He had a tremendous start to the year, and has been consistent since.
-Ashane, California

The winner is... Zack Greinke! He has the lowest ERA in the MLB with 2.14. Greinke has the third most strikeouts this year with 224 out of the MLB. He pitched in the All-Star Game as a reserve. Zack can pitch a 99-mph fastball, a 62-mph curve and anything in between. He has 14 wins and 8 losses, but started off with a great 6-0 record. This season may not be Kansas City's best, but it sure is Zach Greinke's. There is absolutely no competition for Zack.
-Dustin, Ohio

I think that it's Felix Hernandez because he's got 16 wins and only 5 losses with a 2.45 ERA and 196 strikeouts. Even though he's on a losing team, don't count him out of the mix.
-BasketballChamp63, Virginia

Zack Greinke is easily the AL Cy Young Award Winner. The strikeouts he gets regularly, the length he plays every game, and his leadership show his greatness over other pitchers.
-Parker, Pennsylvania

Zack Greinke. He is to some people obviously the AL Cy Young, but wait a minute! He is pitching in the AL Central, not a big offense division. Roy Halladay is in the AL East, and he has to face the Red Sox, Yankees, Rays. Greinke has NEVER faced the Yankees. BUT! when you put up numbers like that, you are the AL Cy Young.
-AceBlaster415, Massachusetts

It's a tough one, but I got to go with Josh Beckett. He so far has a record of 15-9 He is a very tough pitcher.
-Ben, California

The 2009 American League Cy Young Award winner is Felix Hernandez. The kid has 196 Ks, a 2.45 ERA, and 16 wins on a bad team. This could be the first Cy Young of many for King Felix.
-Andrew, Florida

The AL CY young winner should be Justin Verlander because he leads the league in K’s, he has the 2nd most wins with a team who doesn't give him much run support, and he has a decent ERA.

For me it's a tight one between CC Sabathia, Zack Greinke & Jon Lester. All three dominate in K's, Greinke is the ERA leader and CC has the most wins. It's sure to be a close one!
-CoachPointGuard, Canada

I think it's gotta be Zack Greinke of the Kansas City Royals. He would have more wins but the Royals' offense gives him next to no run supports. Still, he boasts the best ERA in the AL and notches tons of strikeouts, all while keeping his walks very low.
-Eric, North Carolina

Zack Greinke has been the front-runner all season and last week he pretty much cemented his win when he finally beat the Red Sox, silencing critics who said he’d never beaten a top-notch team. Greinke has been dominant this season and I can’t wait to see him win.
-The Brain

And now for next week's question, which may have a less obvious answer: 

Who should win the National League Cy Young Award?

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Greinke should win.He gets no run support.Look at his ERA.

C.C Sabathia deserves to win the cy young award.For one he has 18 wins!AND is leading his team to the playoffs.Zack Greinke is playing for a LOSING team.And he has a 15-9 record!If he is going to win then he needs better run support.Felix Hernandez is doing really good but he ALSO needs better run support.

Run support doesn't mean a thing. It makes them look better if they don't get any run support,with their stats.

Everybody knows its gonna be Tulo

Tulo is an NL shortstop, NOT an AL pitcher.

Roy Halladay all the way man

I think C.C. will win the CY Young.

He has the most wins in the AL.

That comic was funny though.

You are 100% RIGHT!

he is ok i ges

Tim Lincecum will defently win the CY YOUNG he turned a losing team into a winning team

this is al cy young not nl

baseballpro28, he has more wins then you will ever have

whats Up

Greinke all the way baby

Rick Porcello. its the guys first year.he hasn't had over three walks in every game he started.and he pitched in single A last year,thats a big transaction.he also plays in one of the toughest leagues,the AL Central.


zack greinke

I don't know any baseball players.

haha funny


What the heck is he thinking? He (being CC Sebathia) knooooooooooooows somehow a picture/story of him being a complete pig will get onto the internet somehow. and anyway, he's to fat and gross to win. (i mean, he plays for the YANKEES! how gross is that?) :)

Greinke doesn't deserve the Cy Young. He is with a bad team and he has too many losses.

Thats because he gets no run support.

Roy Halladay deserves it more than Zach Greinke and C.C Sabathia just because he plays for a bad team does not mean that he should not win it also Greinke has not faced the Yankees and just because Sabathia plays for the Yankees does not mean he should win it. my pick is: Roy Halladay

i think so to.:)

he's way to fat

its Zack Greinke. The lowest ERA. in the bigs. but it going to be close with cc Sabathia.

CleanupAce is right C.C deserves it!!!!

Grienke had a better first half but the second half mattters more. Plus C.C. is leading his team to the playoffs and Grienke is not.

Cy young for national legue Javier Vasquez or Tim Lincecum

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