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NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

You gotta love Week 2 in the NFL, when everything you thought you learned from Week 1 flies out the window. Powerhouses suddenly look like flukes. Flukes suddenly look like powerhouses. The Fantasy Wizard actually picks a couple of games correctly. It’s insanity I tell you! The result? Many teams were shuffled all over the place in this week’s Power Rankings, so let’s get down to it…

1 Baltimore Ravens
Last Week: 8
The offense continues to develop (third in the NFL in yards per game) but Ray Lewis reminded us all that the defense isn’t slowing down any time soon. Lewis made the most exciting game-ending defensive play I’ve ever seen by stuffing Darren Sproles on a fourth down in San Diego last week to seal the win.
2 New York Giants
Last Week: 3
Eli looked great in that comeback, but if the running game continues to disappoint (22nd in the league) defenses will be able to stack up in the secondary and slow down the passing game.
3 New Orleans Saints
Last Week: 5
They scored more points against the ferocious Eagles defense than they did against the listless Lions. Can anything stop this Saints offense? I hope not – it’s a blast watching Drew Brees pile up TD passes.
4 Indianapolis Colts
Last Week: 4
How about this Peyton Manning guy? He didn’t even need the ball for 15 minutes in order to orchestrate a win over the Dolphins on the road. The fourth quarter comeback made Manning the winningest quarterback in Indianapolis Colts history, passing Johnny Unitas.
5 New York Jets
Last Week: 10
Mark Sanchez is getting plenty of headlines, but it’s the defense, and especially cornerback Darrelle Revis, who deserve the credit for New York’s hot start. The D still hasn’t allowed an offensive touchdown and Revis helped shut down Andre Johnson and Randy Moss in successive weeks.
6 Minnesota Vikings
Last Week: 12
While he’s had an amazing career, Brett Favre has always been plagued by turnovers. Not so this year, as the newly patient Favre has played turnover-free football for the first two weeks of the season.
7 Atlanta Falcons
Last Week: 15
Matt Ryan is not exactly suffering from a sophomore slump. While Michael Turner’s production has dropped off dramatically from last year (3.4 yards per attempt, the lowest in his career), Ryan continues to impress behind center with a 108.5 passer rating during the Falcons 2-0 start.
8 San Francisco 49ers
Last Week: 14
This Niners D looks like the real deal. So far, San Francisco has stuffed opponents trying to run the ball at the third best rate in the NFL. It’ll be interesting to see if they can keep that up when they head to Minnesota this week to face the mighty Adrian Peterson.
9 Pittsburgh Steelers
Last Week: 1
Jeff Reed kicked away their hopes of being 2-0, but the real concern lies in the Steelers lack of a running game. Gaining 70.5 yards per game on the ground isn’t going to make it easy for a Super Bowl repeat.
10 New England Patriots
Last Week: 2
The offensive line can’t protect Tom Brady, and that’s a bad thing. Brady’s QB rating is currently at 76.8, which is worse than guys like Shaun Hill and Jason Campbell.
11 Buffalo Bills
Last Week: 17
Trent Edwards is off to another hot start – don’t forget, Edwards began last season with four straight wins – let’s see if the QB with the fifth highest passer rating can keep it going all season for the Bills.
12 Denver Broncos
Last Week: 19
I’ve made fun of Kyle Orton in the past, but you have to hand it to him, he wins games. Orton is 23-12 as a starter and has the surprising Broncos alone atop the unpredictable AFC West.
13 Philadelphia Eagles
Last Week: 7
Maybe I spoke too soon when lauding the Eagles defensive performance in Week 1. Then again, nobody seems capable of stopping the Saints so far this season, so it might’ve just been a fluke. Now all eyes will be on Michael Vick’s return to football in Week 3. Don’t expect too much though – probably a few Wildcat plays to ease him back into the speed of the game.
14 Green Bay Packers
Last Week: 6
It’s bad enough to lose to the Bengals, but the biggest problem for the Pack right now is that they can’t keep quarterback Aaron Rodgers upright. The young Packers QB has been sacked 10 times in two games. You can’t throw touchdown passes when you’re flat on your back.
15 Dallas Cowboys
Last Week: 11
The Cowboys can be encouraged by their impressive running game, but Tony Romo needs to take better care of the ball (three interceptions in Week 2) if Big D wants to accumulate more big Ws.
16 San Diego Chargers
Last Week: 13
Five trips into the red zone, zero touchdowns. LaDainian Tomlinson may be getting older, but there’s no doubt the Chargers are missing something when it comes to stuffing the ball in the end zone.
17 Tennessee Titans
Last Week: 9
Chris Johnson pulls off a season’s worth of offensive numbers in one game (284 yards from scrimmage) and yet the Titans D can’t hold up its end of the bargain. It’s early, but the Titans, after winning 13 games last season, are 0-2 and have the worst pass defense in the league.
18 Arizona Cardinals
Last Week: 21
Looks like 38-year old Kurt Warner still has some great football left in his tank. Warner completed 24 of his 26 passes in Week 2, setting an NFL record for most accurate passing game in league history. The Cards also finally won a game in the Eastern Time Zone, after failing to do so all of last regular season.
19 Houston Texans
Last Week: 22
Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson got on track in Week 2. Now Steve Slaton (only 51 rushing yards at 2 yards per carry) needs to catch up.
20 Chicago Bears
Last Week: 23
Big comeback win over the Steelers for the Bears and Jay Cutler. But what’s up with Matt Forte? Forte only has 84 yards rushing this season and no TDs. If the Bears can’t get the running game going, it’s going to be tough for Cutler to perform well week in and week out.
21 Washington Redskins
Last Week: 24
Their home fans booed the team…after a win. The defense looks stifling in the early season, but if the offense doesn’t start putting up more points (31st in the league in scoring), it’s all going to be for naught.
22 Seattle Seahawks
Last Week: 16
As Hasselbeck goes, so go the Seahawks. A fractured rib makes the Seahawks QB questionable for this week – same goes for their offense.
23 Cincinnati Bengals
Last Week: 28
I bet the Bears wish they saw this type of production out of Cedric Benson when they had him. Going back to last year, Benson has over 100 rushing yards in three of his last four games and led the Bengals to a surprising upset over the Packers in Week 2.
24 Oakland Raiders
Last Week: 26
The Raiders are sticking with JaMarcus Russell, but I’m not really sold on him as a franchise quarterback. The big QB with the rocket arm has only completed 35 percent of his passes this year.
25 Miami Dolphins
Last Week: 27
Sooner or later Chad Pennington is going to have to throw the ball further than five yards if the Dolphins want to win. While Pennington is very accurate, he doesn’t have the ability to stretch the field and rack up points, which was evident when the Dolphins had the ball for over 45 minutes on Monday night and still lost.
26 Carolina Panthers
Last Week: 29
The good news is Jake Delhomme only threw one interception in Week 2. The bad news is the Panthers are 0-2 and staring at a big early deficit in the competitive NFC South.
27 Kansas City Chiefs
Last Week: 18
Matt Cassel’s first start in KC was undone by two picks. He better get more careful with the ball, because up next on the schedule is a Philadelphia team that leads the league in interceptions.
28 Jacksonville Jaguars
Last Week: 20
What’s up with the Jags? After going to the brink of the AFC Championship game in 2007, Jack Del Rio’s squad is 5-13. David Garrard’s accuracy has hurt the Jags ability to keep drives alive (52.1% completion percentage).
29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last Week: 25
It just keeps getting worse for the Bucs declining D as safety Jermaine Phillips will miss the rest of the season with a broken left thumb. Not good for a unit that already ranks 27th against the pass.
30 Cleveland Browns
Last Week: 30
Cleveland fans will have to have patience to endure the beginning of the Brady Quinn era. With the former Notre Dame star taking the snaps, the winless Browns have gained the fewest yards in the league.
31 Detroit Lions
Last Week: 31
Another week, another loss. A lot of people have the Lions getting a win this week against a sputtering Redskins team, but I think the ‘Skins defense will be too much to handle for rookie QB Matthew Stafford. After that, their next realistic shot at a win might not be until Week 8 against St. Louis.
32 St. Louis Rams
Last Week: 32
St. Louis has mastered the art of homefield disadvantage. Since 2007, the Rams are 2-14 at the Edward Jones Dome.
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Dude my Chargers need to step up this week against the Giants nd LaDainian Tomlinson needs to atleast get 100 yards.

the steelers are still going strong

49ers Vs. Steelers in XLIV!

Vikings are going to the super with the help of farve and peterson

the Patriots will go all the way

The Cargers are better than 16!!!

Vikings are #1 Man.
Where have you been in the sports world?

The Vikes are going to the top. Now way you can beat 'em if they have Favre, Peterson, and Harvin. [and actually, Greg Lewis too I guess.]

The Panthers have a lot of talent but don't have a Quarter Back. Jake Delhomme has got to go know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need Drew Brees but that is not going to happen(: Thanks bye, AwesomeReciever42 GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the bears are coming back

No way!

Who do you think has the best wide receivers in the NFL? I'll be back tonight to answer them.

the patriots have the best!!!!!!!!!

The Giants are the best in the league, period. Remember, in sikids preview their ONLY weakness was their recieving corps but now they have the top TWO receivers (fantasy) in the NFC. Mario Manningham is so fast and Steve Smith has amasing hands. Their defensive line is one of the best ever and they have a very strong secondary. eli Manning is playing so well only one interception and sack.

You all are crazy. Ravens vs. Giants. Super bowl winner Ravens.

Patriots all day lookin boy the other teams shouldn`t even play they so good Kendall xavier Barksdale

Patiots all day baby Kendall xavier Barksdale

Im there with ya go pats!!!!!!!!!!

The Packers just got unlucky last week. They'll get the offensive line sorted out and they will make the playoffs.

Super Bowl Falcons-Steelers just like Fantastic Falcon said GO MATT RYAN and Polamalu take your time I'd hate to see you get hurt again, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Saints are going all the way!!!!!!!!! Drew Brees 50+ TDs this year. The Vikings will come close but Favre has gotta throw deeper.

Dude, you guys are all messed up. COWBOYS ALL DA WAY MAN!!!!! There is no stoppin Tony Romo this year.

RAVENS #1!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE THAT NINERS #1!!!!!!!!!!!

SuperstarShortstop is absolutely right.

Thanks fantasticfalcon32. I spend so much time working on my rankings, sometimes I confuse kickers and receivers! I told you week 2 was crazy! Now we just have to sit back and watch to see if your playoff predictions come true. Good luck with your picks!

Professor Ulane,the kicker for the Steelers is JEFF Reed, not Josh.
Colts(3)vs.Ravens(6) Packers(3)vs.Saints(6)
Jets(4)vs.Patriots(5) Seahawks(4)vs.Vikings(5)

Steelers(1)vs.Ravens(6) Eagles(1)vs.Packers(3)
Chargers(2)vs.Jets(4) Falcons(2)vs.Vikings(5)

Steelers(1)vs.Jets(4) Eagles(1)vs.Falcons(2)
Super Bowl:

Super Bowl Champions:
Pittsburgh Steelers

he said jeff :)

Now stop arguing we all know it will be the Steelers and the Eagles and the Eagles will win 21-19 a 50 yard field goal by David Akers.

the bengle just got luck,the will next they meet

The Super Bowl contenders this year woll be the colts and the giants.\

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