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Is it Time for Vince Young?

There's trouble in Tennessee. Losing to the Steelers in Pittsburgh was one thing. But last week's defensive collapse, at home against the Texans, have put them in a tricky spot.

This week, the Titans visit the red-hot New York Jets. That means they're staring an 0-3 start right in the face. If that happens, they might need a spark. And that spark just might be Vince Young.

Understand, Kerry Collins hasn't done anything wrong. He's been his usual reliable self. But reliable isn't what Tennessee needs right now. Collins throws underneath more often than an quarterback in football, and the Titans can't expect Chris Johnson to keep turning in 80-yard touchdowns. Eventually, they'll need to find some explosiveness under center.

VY could bring that. He'll make some mistakes, but he's also capable of escaping the pocket and running for some big plays. Because of his mobility, opposing defenses will have to prepare for the Titans in a whole different way. If an opposing D has to use a linebacker to spy on Vinsanity, that could open up the middle of the field for Johnson and the tight ends. And if you make enough plays there and the safeties start to cheat up, Nate Washington and Kenny Britt can make them pay by making some big plays downfield.

Obviously, turning to Young after Collins led them to a 13-3 record a year ago is a desperate move. But if the Titans fall to 0-3, a desperate move might be exactly what they need.

What do you guys think, should the Titans make Vince Young their starter again? Tell the world in the comments section!

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collins is good, but are u serious? 0-4? Its young time

Dude, Collins is 0-6 this season

At this point in time Kerry Collins is a better quarterback. As we saw in the pre-season, Vince Young is not a great desicion maker. Sorry to all those VY fans out there. i like Young too but for a team who wants to win, Collins is the starter. I wouldnt worry about him getting old QUITE yet. hes in the mid 20s. If hes not starting on any team in 5 years, ill be SHOCKED!

Vince Young Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff, give Vince a chance. Every year Vince gets older he less able to be playoff contender. Same with Kerry Collins. Sorry Kerry but you have to go.

Vince Young has made some big mistakes, but the Titans didn't sign him to sit on the bench.He can develop as a passer and change peoples minds about him. He is a duel threat QB that can make amazing things happen.Bring him in and let him help out the run game by passing and running the football. Not that Collins is terrible, but they need a game changer, not a game manager. Go Vince!

Now I'm from Texas, so you probably know that I saw the 2006 National Championship. Vince Young my hero so I know his stats. Let Vince play. The only reason I think he didn't play was because Jeff Fisher had a lot of pressure from the public. Every year he gets older he becomes less able to play his best.


Are you kidding VY is exactly what Tennessee needs

I think young should of started before collins i never liked collins

I think that Kerry Collins should stay the Titan starter. Young may be a good runner,but the hole point of QB is to throw the ball,and Collins is way better at that than Young. My advise,stick with Collins.

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