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Fantasy Quickies: What We Learned In Week 2

Week 2 of the NFL season is a wrap, and so is Week 2 of Fantasy Football season! Here are my latest musings in the wake of last week’s games…


#1 – Barring injury, Ronnie Brown (136 rushing yards, 2 TDs) is a keeper. The Dolphins will literally run the ball all day and night to keep the other team’s offense from turning games into shootouts. Plus, Brown is the centerpiece of their famous Wildcat formation, which torched the Colts on Monday night. That should mean lots of running/scoring opportunities for Mr. Brown.


#2 – Other stars that stand to benefit from favorable offensive set-ups… Dallas Clark (183 receiving yards, 1 TD, the beneficiary of all those Reggie Wayne double-teams), Andre Johnson (149 receiving yards, 2 TDs, stud), Phillip Rivers (436 passing yards, 2 TDs, posts numbers even when the Chargers lose), Steve Smith: Giants Version (10 catches, 1 TD, Eli Manning’s fave target).


#3 – Do NOT drink the Frank Gore (246 rushing yards, 2 TDs) Kool-Aid. Gore had a monstrous Week 2. And he’s a great back. But he’s going to get hurt this year. If you make him an automatic start, it’s going to end up costing you a game sooner or later. You can lsten now, or scream “Why didn’t I listen to The DNJ!?!” later.


#4 – I may’ve been wrong about Willie Parker. Remember how I preached patience last week? Forget that. The Steelers running back has 66 rushing yards… in two games! He’s another injury prone runner too, even when producing. It’s time to introduce Willie-P to your fantasy bench.


#5 – Other “Objects Appear Larger Than They Really Are” All-Stars… Matt Schaub (357 yards, 4 TDs, injury-prone), Mario Manningham (150 yards, 1 TD… who?!?), Willis McGahee (89 yards, 2 TDs, creaky as The Wiz’s new crutches), Kellen Winslow (90 yards, 1 TD, his QB takes half an hour to throw a pass).


#6 – Week 3 would be a good time to add Joe Flacco and Todd Heap to your team. The Ravens are averaging 34.5 ppg this year. The Cleveland Browns (their Week 3 opponent), are giving up 30.5 ppg. Something’s gotta give. And it’ll most-likely be Cleveland’s Charmin-soft D.


#7 – Start Randy Moss (and Wes Welker if he’s healthy). The Atlanta Falcons don’t give up a lot of points… but they rank 21st against the pass, allowing 220+ yards per game. I smell statement game for the Pats.


#8 – The Week 2 MVP is… Chris Johnson. 284 total yards, 3 TDs, and zero LenDale White highlights on Sportscenter.


#9 – Week 2 Decepticons (sure to transform into something that blows up when placed under pressure)… - Tony Romo -- this week’s Megatron Award winner, and future-Lifetime Achievement Megatron Award winner at this pace -- (127 passing yards, 3 INTs), Roy Williams (1 catch, 18 yards), Zach Miller (no catches).


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