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Stinky Five: September 21

This week’s Stinky Five features a familiar cast of characters, and I kind of like it that way. It may be boring to say over and over again why these five teams are bad, but it’s also good news that most of the good teams are still playing hard, not taking any games for granted.

With a nod of appreciation to the contenders for avoiding a September swoon, here is this week’s Stinky Five…

1. Cleveland Indians
The Indians played six games in the last week and didn’t win once. They have one win in their last 13 games. They have not won back-to-back games since August 26-27. I might need to invent a new word for this team, because Stinky isn’t cutting it any more.

2. Houston Astros
The Astros are nursing a seven-game losing streak, and during five of those games they’ve scored two runs or fewer. The sad part is they’ve lost to the Pirates, the Reds, and the Brewers. It’s one thing to lose to good teams, but right now the ‘Stros are the team that other stinky teams like to beat up on.

3. Washington Nationals
The Nats were equal opportunity losers this week. They started by getting swept by the Phillies, proving they’re no match for the division leaders. But they also dropped two of three to the Mets, showing they can give hope to even the most disappointing of teams.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates
To really comprehend the level of stinkiness in Pittsburgh, you have to look at their entire month of September. A 3-14 record, a .232 batting average, nine home runs, and an ERA of 4.70. Wow. That’s kind of mind-blowing. And to top it off, the Steelers lost this week too. Rough times in the Steel City.

5. Baltimore Orioles
They O’s put up a good fight against the Yankees and the Rays, but I give them no credit for that because when the Red Sox come to town they lay down like a bunch of babies. Baltimore has two wins in 18 tries against Boston this year. That stat might just place them in the Stinky Five hall of Fame.

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