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NFL Week 2 Quick Thoughts

Five Quick Thoughts on Week 2 of the 2009 NFL season, including one red-hot offense, one ice-cold QB, and the new "worst team in in the league"...

A New Low for K.C.?
Many of us, including The Guru, thought the Raiders would be the worst team in the league this season. But after Oakland’s butt-ugly win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, I think the Chiefs are at the bottom of the junkpile. On a day in which the Raiders only had 166 yards of offense and quarterback JaMarcus Russell was 7-for-24, the Chiefs still lost, 13-10. Without Randy Moss and Wes Welker as his receivers, new KC QB Matt Cassel (24-for-39, 1 TD, 2 INT) looks like a trainwreck that could get worse.

Green Bay's Swiss Cheese O-Line
Green Bay’s offensive line is playing terrible right now, and that will keep the Packers out of the playoffs if it doesn’t improve quickly. The line has three new starters and opposing defensive ends have been feasting on quarterback Aaron Rodgers like he’s a Thanksgiving turkey. Rodgers has already been sacked 10 times in two games and has been harrassed a lot more than that. On Sunday, Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Antwan Odom sacked him five times. The Packers are also 23rd in rushing offense, and running back Ryan Grant is averaging just 3.6 yards per carry.

Uh Oh, Romo
The Dallas Cowboys need to make running backs Felix Jones and Marion Barber the centerpiece of their offense. Cowboys fans everywhere wet their pants every time QB Tony Romo drops back to pass because they don’t know where the ball is going to end up. When Romo is on, he’s as good as any QB at hitting his receivers. But when he’s off, as he was on Sunday night against the New York Giants, the smell coming from the Cowboys offense is worse than a boys high school locker room. Romo threw three picks against the G-Men and cost his team the win. His decision-making was bad, and when he did have open receivers, his accuracy was invisible. With Barber and Jones running wild, the Cowboys smashed the Giants highly-acclaimed defensive line for 251 yards and three rushing touchdowns.

Ravens Getting Downright Offensive
The Baltimore Ravens are looking great, but there are some warning signs that Raven fans should be worried about. For years, many said the Ravens would be unbeatable if they ever found an offense capable of scoring a lot of points. Baltimore relied on its fantastic defense to win ballgames. Well, it looks like the Ravens finally have a great offense. Quarterback Joe Flacco is off to a fast start, having passed for 497 yards and five touchdowns in two games. But now the defense is looking a little suspect. The Ravens are 23rd in scoring defense (25.0 points per game), 17th in total defense (331 yards per game), and 29th in pass defense (290 yards per game). Chargers QB Philip Rivers ripped the secondary for 436 passing yards on Sunday. Is there a new sheriff in Baltimore? Has the offense passed the defense?

In with the Old
Finally, bring back the old school unis! All four teams who played on Monday night last week (Patriots, Bills, Raiders, Chargers) wore throwback jerseys. The Raiders looked especially sweet in their white jersey with silver numbers.

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It must have been a tie between the Browns and chiefs, so it must of been some kind of drawing.

Whew! I thought you were gonna say my Brownies are the worst!

P.S start paying attention to the NHL!

Kolb, is the bomb. This past week Kevin Kolb was the quartback for the Philadelphia Eagles [1-1] and showed a good sign to the organization. Getting knocked to the ground several times, but remained in the game and getting passes off to nearly every receiver on the depth chart. Kolb had 391 yards some say more, but showed he could be the starter against the Chiefs as well. People say he had three interceptions, yeah, but they took place when Kolb was told to throw for the yardage. He had decent throws and was the one that controled the eagles offense throughout the game especially the two minute drill's.

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