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Must-Download of the Week: The Big Surf Island Pack for Burnout Paradise

If you've been following my blogs lately, then you know that I'm in one of my racing-game phases right now. And guess what I found myself playing for hours on end the past few days? ANOTHER RACING GAME.
I went back to Burnout Paradise, which has been out for awhile, but continues to show signs of life thanks to the release of a steady stream of expansion packs. (Side note: If you don't own Burnout Paradise, you can pick up a copy these days for under $20. And it's worth every penny, trust me.)
The latest expansion pack is called Big Surf Island. For $12.99 you get an entire island--you've always wanted your own private island, no?--tacked onto the already-huge landscape of the game's fictional Paradise City.
The new island features the biggest jumps in the game. Now, the Sports Gamer doesn't scare easily, but even these jumps had him shouting the words "HOLY MOLY!" on more than one occasion.
In addition to getting huge air, the new island contains tons of stuff to collect, including 45 new billboards to smash and 75 gates to crash. You also get nine new cars (at least that's all the Sports Gamer has been able to find so far; there may be more), including my new favorite: the Carson "Dust Storm" buggy.
There's plenty to see and do on Big Surf Island. But more importantly, it's great to see EA Games continue to support a game that's coming up on being almost two years old (the game originally shipped in January of 2008). Burnout Paradise is a must-play for anyone who missed out on the first time, and Big Surf Island is a must-download for anyone who already owns the game. Recommended all the way!


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i have the game and the pack it is so cool

Awesome now I can have more playing oprituntiys

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