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Question of the Week: Who is AL MVP?

The NL MVP is a no-brainer, but things aren’t as clear in the American League. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the next Question of the Week, and read on for the answers to this question: 

Who should be American League MVP?

“Miguel Cabrera. A hitting machine and a very unnoticed glove, Cabrera has a Tigers triple crown and is leading Detroit into a playoff spot.
-BaseballAce623, Michigan

“Scott Podsednik from the Chicago White Sox. He has been hitting well (over .300), and he has been stealing and is all out the best player on the White Sox right now.
-Frank, Illinois

I think Joe Mauer should win the AL MVP. Joe Mauer is a man of many talents. He can hit, he can drive in runs (82 RBIs), he can crush the ball. He can also get on base (53 walks and .429 OBP). And let's not forget, he did this coming off the DL in the beginning of the season.
-LeftyPitcher15, California

“Adam Lind is getting ignored because he’s on a losing team, but he has 30 homers and is hitting .300.”
-Tom, Canada

“I think it should be Miguel Cabrera from the Detroit Tigers. He is having a great year and thanks to him the Tigers are atop the AL Central.”
-Nick, Illinois

“I think that Joe Mauer has to be the AL MVP. He has a ridiculous batting average and has finally found his power stroke this year. He also is one of the best defensive catchers in the game. The best player at the toughest position to play definitely gets my vote.”
-Eric, North Carolina

“I think Joe Mauer should win it because he has a lot of homers and a good batting average."
-Miles, Virginia

“I think Mark Teixeira should win. He’s a switch hitter, is great on defense, and has 35 home runs.”
-Joe, New Jersey

“To me Derek Jeter is more than just MVP. He just beat Lou Gehrig's record of the most hits in a career on the Yanks. He has brought the Yankees to the top of MLB. If Derek Jeter doesn't win he still has my pick with the Yanks to win the title.”
-Dustin, Ohio

“I’m going to go against the grain and picking Kendry Morales. The Angels have the best offense in the league and he is second on the team in average and first in home runs and RBIs. He’s hitting .300 with runners in scoring position and two outs. He’s clutch and great defensively.”
-The Brain

Now onto the next question: 

Who should win the American League Cy Young Award?

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go mauer he is my favorite!!!!

Joe. Mauer.

I think Mark Teixeira should win it.One reason why this kid has 39 HR'S,121 RBI's and is batting .293!Mark Teixeira is my pick.

Ian Kinsler

Mauer will be Mvp he has done so much the only bad part of this season is that he wasn't there the 3 weeks of the year but once he came back he was a force didn't he bat like 400 the first month or two he came back Mauer Power they don't give that name out to anybody Mauer for MVP

If you think Joe Mauer is MVP... well your right. I agree ChargingBull42.


Thank you

Derek Jeter does not have the kind of numbers for a MVP. He didn't surprise me at any point throughout this year.

I have no idea.

AL MVP I don't think is anywhere, we have to wait and see who is going to make a impact on their team till and throughout the postseason. I'm a HUGE Phillies fan. Teixeira isn't quite spectacular neither is Cabrera. I say Zach Grienke should get the Cy Young award and the Al MYP award goes to... drum roll please. Adam Lind left fielder and DH for the Toronto Blue Jays batting .298, with 30 HR's 8th in the AL and has 104 RBI's that's 4th in the AL, and has a total of 166 hits. You may say well Toronto isn't a playoff team, but Adam Lind has made a huge impact and is my MVP for the American League.

wow wow wow johan santana for cy young all the way!!

POSEDNICK?????? HOW?!?!?!

Dustin Pedroia 4 sure

how can pedroia win al mvp when he hasn't hit 30 homeruns? mark texiara's put up the best #'s this year. go yanks!

HE IS DOING ALOT WORSE THEN HE SHOULD BE DOING HOW?????? teixeira is putting up way better #'s


yo andy slip

Mark Teixeira is the AL MVP--most RBI and second most homeruns after a hurt Cabrera-- Cy Young is C.C Sabathia!

That picture is very strange

what are they doing


miguel bacame the first tiger to lead the leauge in homeruns with 37

I think either Mark Teixeira or Derek Jeter because unlike all the other bums in baseball they have not taken any steroids. Jeter has past the record for yankee # of hits and Mark Teixeira is the best first base man

Yankees STINK!!!! GO BOSTON!!!!!!!!

Cabrera hans down.

Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander for MVP and Cy Young.

I think the A.L Mvp should be joe mauar, his is trying to make his team a push for the playoffs he leads the league in batting and not manny catchers win this award


I think that the AL Cy Young should go to CC Sabathia. In his first year with the Yankees, he has been going strong

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