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Fantasy Quickies: What We Learned This Week…

There are still a couple of games that need to be played before Week 1 of the NFL season is officially a wrap, but, from a fantasy standpoint, I think we’ve seen enough to form the following conclusions…


#1 – Start Stinky Pete and Drew Brees every single week. Some of you may be Packers fans, or… uh… whatever team’s considered a rival for the Saints. And it’s not likely Pete (180 yards rushing, 2 TDs) and D-Breezy (358 yards passing, 6 TDs) will put up such insane numbers every week. That said… if both are healthy, and they’re not in your lineup... you don’t want to win your fantasy league. They’re the best running back and quarterback in fantasy football. The end. 


#2 – Maurice Jones-Drew (123 total yards, 1 TD) is also pretty awesome… just not as awesome as The Wiz would have you believe. Let’s all laugh at The Fantasy Wizard for placing MJD ahead of Stinky Pete in this year’s Fantasy running back rankings! MJD >> AP??? Hahahaha… yeah right.


Better yet, how ‘bout you guys give him grief, and I’ll post the best responses in the Comments section?


#3 – Other keepers for Week 2… Julius Jones (136 total yards, 1 TD), Reggie Wayne (10 catches, 162 yards, 1TD), Tony Romo (353 yards passing, 3 TDs), and…


#4 – John Carlson (6 catches, 95 yards, 2 TDs). I know what you guys are saying. “WHO!?!” Trust me. This kid’s legit. He had 55 catches and 5 TDs last season, and lemee ask you: do you know who the quarterback was for the Seattle Seahawks last year? Didn't think so. And now Carlson’s got a healthy Matt Hasselback throwing him the rock, plus a wide-receiver (T.J. Hoosh) with enough talent to keep defenses from doubling him.


#5 – PATIENCE! Jay Cutler (1 TD, 4 INTs), Steve Slaton (52 total yards), Willie Parker (24 total yards), Matt Forte (55 total yards), Andre Johnson (4 catches, 35 yards), Anquan Boldin (2 catches, 19 yards) and Aaron Rogers (184 yards, 1 TD) were awful this week. But it’s the first week of the season. Most likely, they’ll all get themselves righted.


#6 – Don’t be fooled by Thomas Jones. I own him in two fantasy leagues, so it pains me to say this… but I’d be careful about starting him in the future. Sure he had 107 yards rushing and 2 TDs. But 38 of those yards came on one monster dash in the fourth quarter. Jones has never been known for breaking big gains, and with Leon Washington cutting into his total numbers of carries, his value as a fantasy back may be headed downhill.


#7 – More Week 2 Decepticons (sure to transform into something that blows up when placed under pressure)… Jake Delhomme -- this week’s winner of the Megatron Award, handed out to the Decepticon that blows up the biggest -- (7-for-17, 73 yards, 0 TDs, 4 INTs), Santana Moss (2 catches, 6 yards), Greg Olsen (1 catch, 8 yards), Bernard Berrian (zero catches).


#8 – Rookie of the Week: Percy Harvin. He’s not a guaranteed-start. Yet. But the Vikings showed Sunday they’re going to put the ball in his hands (8 total touches), and Harvin showed he can make good when they do (58 total yards, 1 TD). If Berrian’s going to keep putting up donuts, and you insist on starting a Vikings receiver, Harvin’s the way to go.


#9 – What do you think? What else should I cover here? I’m open to suggestions. Best offensive player. Best DST? Let me know.


#10 – Did I mention we’re making fun of The Wiz’s Running Back Rankings? Starting… now.



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go drew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Athletic champion... Leroy hilll is out for 6 weeks and Tatupu will play this week. And now we get 2 play another horrible offense (49ers) :D

Well said AceCharger11... and Minnesota's #2 back is Chester Taylor...

No offense, Wiz, I'm a big fan, and if you where gonna take a gamble with someone, MJD was a good choice. But seriously. Adrian Peterson is just incredibly good. If Minnesotta didn't have that second back, I forget his name, Adrian Peterson could most likely break records.

What about the Jets? Their DST looked great against Houston, and Leon Washington's like a Devin Hester Mini-Me. I'm not sure how long they'll play elite D (esp. with the Pats headed to town next week), but I like the idea of having Washington returning kicks as an extra offensive weapon.

The Seattle Seahawks were the best DST, they SHUT OUT the Rams. Unfortunately, Leroy Hill and Lofa Tatupu went down during the game. Just for a fun fact, the Seahawks and the Mariners shut out opponents on the same night for the first time.

Poor cutler I'm from Chicago man he needs some recievers and now that Urlacher's out we are in trouble.

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