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Fantasy Football Super Sleepers

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  • Gary Gramling
  • September 10, 2009, 1:31 PM

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Looking for this season's surprise fantasy stars? Take a look at some of these names...

Matt Schaub, quarterback, Houston Texans
The only question with Schaub is, Can he stay healthy? If he does, he has the potential to throw for 4,000 yards and 25 TDs. He has an elite receiver to throw to in Andre Johnson, and the Texans don't have a true red zone running back. That means they'll likely throw more than most teams down near the end zone, giving Schaub the potential for more TD passes.

Felix Jones, running back, Dallas Cowboys
Jones was an explosive playmaker as a rookie, but the Cowboys didn't get him the ball enough. That will change this season. Expect Jones to be a big part of the Dallas gameplan and turn in a ton of big plays in 2009.

Leon Washington, running back, New York Jets
Like Felix Jones, Washington is another gamebreaker set to take a larger role this year. Expect the Jets to use him as a running back and as a wide receiver. Washington has the ability to turn almost any play into a touchdown.

Fred Jackson, running back, Buffalo Bills
He's already a lock to start the season's first four games, as regular Bills starter Marshawn Lynch is suspended. Jackson is a very hard runner with good hands. Expect him to produce early on.

Laveranues Coles, wide receiver, Cincinnati Bengals
Coles steps into a great situation. Former Bengals receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh racked up a ton of catches as Carson Palmer's possession receiver. Now, Coles will fill that role. Defenses always focus on Chad Ochocinco, so expect Coles to have a career year as long as he stays healthy.

Anthony Gonzalez, wide receiver, Indianapolis Colts
With Marvin Harrison gone, Gonzalez will move into the starting lineup for the Colts. I don't have to tell you that he has a great quarterback in Peyton Manning, and Gonzalez is entering his third season, a year in which many wide receivers break out statistically. Gonzalez is a steady receiver with good hands who should benefit from the attention that Reggie Wayne gets from opposing defenses.

Earl Bennett, wide receiver, Chicago Bears
We don't yet know who Jay Cutler's go-to receiver will be in Chicago, but Bennett has as good a chance as anyone. He struggled to pick up the playbook as a rookie, but Bennett is still a good route runner with solid hands. And best of all, he was a teammate of Cutler's at Vanderbilt. These two might recapture that chemistry.

Brent Celek, tight end, Philadelphia Eagles
Celek broke out during last year's playoffs, catching 19 passes and scoring three touchdowns in three post-season games. With L.J. Smith gone, Celek will play a much bigger role in the passing game this season and could be one of Donovan McNabb's favorite targets.

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all of the dolphins players are sleppers cause they stink

Mark Sanchez Rocks


5 picks in one game

dude he threw 5 picks in one game other QB'S dont have that many all season.

thats why he threw 5 PICKS

i think jones-drew should be on there

mark sanchez should be up there

#1iswrong! It's Jones-Drew

ok things good job with felix

half of them i dont agree with

There are no Dolphins sleepers because players on their team either rock (Porter, Williams, Pennington and Taylor) or STINK (everyone else!!!!!)



You are one 100% right! Also it is right there are no Dolphin sleepers!

the dolphins stink there all sleepers

there should be tons of dolphins they stink

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