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Fantasy Football Rankings: Team Defenses

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1. Pittsburgh Steelers
You can't beat Troy Polamalu, James Harrison, and the Blitzburgh D. They allowed the fewest points in the NFL last season and were second in te NFL in sacks.

2. Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens are almost on Pittsburgh's level when it comes to hitting hard, and they're a threat to score every week thanks to Ed Reed's big-play ability.

3. Minnesota Vikings
Minny is great at stuffing the run thanks to the "Williams Wall" -- defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams (no relation).

4. Philadelphia Eagles
They lost a lot this offseason -- defensive coordinator Jim Johnson passed away, safety Brian Dawkins signed with the Broncos, and linebacker Stewart Bradley suffered a season-ending knee injury. But this attacking defense still has loads of talent and a great defensive backfield.

5. Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys led the NFL in sacks last year, thanks mostly to superstar DeMarcus Ware. But they do need better play out of their defensive backs.

6. New York Jets
The Jets have a lot of talent on defense, and new head coach Rex Ryan could take them to the next level. He helped build the Ravens defense into one of the NFL's best units.

7. New York Giants
The Giants have a ton of talent on the defensive line, but there's no guarantee that they'll continue to dominate now that defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has left to coach the Rams.

8. San Diego Chargers
The Chargers could be great again if superstar pass rusher Shawne Merriman returns to form.

9. New England Patriots
The Pats are starting to reload with young talent on defense, but could have a chance to force turnovers if their offense starts blowing away opponents again (forcing oppoents to take a lot of risks on offense).

10. Arizona Cardinals
Look for the young Cardinals D to take another step forward this season. They'll have weeks where they give up a lot of points, but they're also aggressive enough to get sacks and turnovers.

11. Chicago Bears
The Bears have plenty of talent on defense. But the only way they'll be a great defense again is if their pass rushers get the job done again.

12. Tennessee Titans
The Titans are still a solid defensive unit, but they'll have trouble replacing superstar defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

13. Seattle Seahawks
The Seahawks D was disappointing last year, but they beefed up with defensive tackle Colin Cole and Rookie of the Year candidate Aaron Curry.

14. Green Bay Packers
The Pack struggled to stop the run last season, but their new 3-4 defense could help fix that. Their defensive backs are all capable of making big plays as well.

15. Miami Dolphins
The Miami D is solid, but they'll have to contend with a much tougher schedule in 2009 than they did last season.

16. Buffalo Bills
The Bills have a good, young defensive backfield, but need pass rushers like rookie Aaron Maybin to step up and make play.

17. Houston Texans
Their secondary is subpar, but Houston might have the NFL's best defensive player in defensive end Mario Williams.

18. San Francisco 49ers
Led by supestar linebacker Patrick Willis, San Francisco's 3-4 defense should be solid again and could be very good if they get a better pass rush.

19. Detroit Lions
The Lions D struggled under former head coach Rod Marinelli, but they should be better under new head coach Jim Schwartz.

20. Indianapolis Colts
The Colts beefed up their defensive line in hopes of stopping the run. If it works, they could be a top 10 fantasy defense with Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis racking up the sacks.

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I think the Jets are gonna go all the way most teams in the nfl play like high school football teams

patriots and saints rock and giants stink!!!!!!!!!!!

Who are the Redskins?!
The skins play like a middle school ladies softball team!

Favre's as old as my grandma.

Giants!? are they an NFL team?
they play like a high school team


I love to hear my good ol' broncos fans.
BRONCOS...ARE..NUMBER...#1!!!! .

What about the pack. They had 4 takeaways on sunday against the seahawks.

it is because the seahawks stink

Elvis dumervil
can not be stopped

evin by a stop sign

ya, Broncos are #1

No the Eagles are

Where are the Broncos? Broncos are number 1!

EAGLES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cowboys will win so VIKINGS will get the bye

where the saints they get me 100 points EVERY week

Vikings Defense Is Not That Good!

The Broncos should be 4th or 5th place. Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

let me remind you they lost to the raiders


The broncos should be number 1 and their like number 31 on this list

Why are the Giants so low, they are the 3rd best d right now. Now I hate them but they are my defensive team. Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cowboys aka Cowgirls

Eagles should be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy higher..,

Wkat the Broncos have only Allowed 43 points and the chargers Allowed 102 points They held Randy Moss to one catch and Wes Welker to two.

wat the no saints




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