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Fantasy Football Rankings: Kickers

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1. Stephen Gostkowski,
New England Patriots

He led the NFL in points and field goals last year. With Tom Brady back, Gostkowski won't get as many FG chances (the Pats will be scoring more TDs). But either way, he should rack up the points again.

2. Nate Kaeding,
San Diego Chargers
The Chargers offense is among the NFL's best. The only problem with Kaeding is that, if LaDainian Tomlinson is healthy again, the Chargers might get more TDs than field goals.

3. David Akers, Philadelphia Eagles
He's old reliable for the Eagles offense, and the 34-year-old Akers is coming off one of his best seasons.

4. Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers
The Pack can really move the ball, and if their running game continues to struggle in the red zone Crosby could have a chance for a lof of short field goals -- and a lot of points.

5. Nick Folk, Dallas Cowboys
A healthy Tony Romo will put the Cowboys -- and Folk -- in position for more points.

6. Rob Bironas, Tennessee Titans
Bironas should continue to rack of the field goals as the Titans often stall deep in opponent territory.

7. Ryan Longwell, Minnesota Vikings
If Brett Favre improves Minny's quarterback play, Longwell will benefit with more chances to score.

8. Adam Vinatieri, Indianapolis Colts
He's been a bit of a disappointment over the past two seasons, but Vinatieri is still a solid veteran kicker who will have chances to score thanks to Peyton Manning and the offense.

9. Robbie Gould, Chicago Bears
Gould has quietly become one of the NFL's most reliable kickers. If the Bears offense improves under new quarterback Jay Cutler, he could also become one of fantasy football's most valuable kickers.

10. Neil Rackers, Arizona Cardinals
He has a monster leg and plays on a team with a very good offense. Rackers should be solid once again.

11. Jason Elam, Atlanta Falcons
Elam was outstanding last season, but a tougher schedule for the Falcons could mean fewer points for Elam.

12. Shayne Graham, Cincinnati Bengals
Graham has been injured on and off over the past two seasons, and the entire Bengals offense suffered when quarterback Carson Palmer was out last season. But a healthy Graham plus a healthy Palmer is a recipe for a top 10 fantasy kicker.

13. Kris Brown, Houston Texans
Brown could sneak into the top five among fantasy kickers. He has great leg strength and has become more accurate. With Houston's lack of a true red zone runner, he could have a shot at a lot of short field goals this season.

14. Joe Nedney, San Francisco 49ers
The Niners don't exactly have a high-powered offense, but Nedney is still solid because he rarely misses kicks.

15. Josh Scobee, Jacksonville Jaguars
Scobee struggled with accuracy last season, but he did manage to nail 4-of-5 from beyond 50 yards.

16. Matt Prater, Denver Broncos
Prater has a strong leg, but with Jay Cutler gone there's no guarantee he'll get a lot of chances to score.

17. Jeff Reed, Pittsburgh Steelers
Reed is one of the NFL's most reliable kickers, but his fantasy value is hurt by Pittsburgh's often conservative offense.

18. Josh Brown, St. Louis Rams
Brown is one of the most talented kickers in the NFL, but the Rams offense often holds him back.

19. Jason Hanson, Detroit Lions
Hanson is still going strong after 17 seasons, but he needs a better performance from the Detroit offense.

20. Rian Lindell, Buffalo Bills
Lindell is a reliable veteran who should see a decent amount of scoring chances with the Bills offense likely to improve.

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Tynes should be on there, even though they made him $5,000,000

yes Gostowski will, the ex point
and, rackers stinks

why? is my adam vinatieri #6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not #1

where is janowski

Nate Kaeding should be #1

lets go rackers!

i hate rackers

Finily someone whos with me!!


gowstkowski is so awesome!!!!!!!And it is not rackers it is packers

no offense but gostkowski stinks! GO RACKERS!

where is tynes

Tynes is the best in don't care

I got a better kicker for you hanson oh yeh

I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!HES THE BOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND IM A GIANTS FAN!HES ALSO ON MY TEAM!!!!

why is rob birones #6

yeh way better than rob birones

cause all the other guys are bettar

where is john kasey or the nyg kicker?

wheres viniteri


My uncle is friends with jason hanson

He won't because of New England's better offense. There are also a lot of other kickers that have better percentages, just not as many chances to kick.

He will because all the touchdowns they score.

Why is Gostowski #1 he won't have a chance to kick with tom Brady and all their weapons.

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