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Question of the Week: Females in Baseball


I guess the readers of the Dugout Dispatch are an enlightened bunch. Almost every response I got to last week’s question (If a female athlete was good enough, do you think she should be allowed to play in MLB?) fully supported the idea. Read on to see my favorite responses, and a brand new question for you to answer this week.
I think that if a female is good enough she should be allowed to play. If you have and can maintain the required skill level she should play. I speak from experience because I am the only girl who played on my school’s team.
- BaseballNerd55, DE
Yes, if you are good enough, you should be able to play in the MLB, even if you are a girl. If you have the talent and skill, you should be allowed to play. Either that, or make a WMLB.
- Lighteninghawk, Canada
They should. There can be times when Girls are a lot better than boys in stuff. In my little league, the top catcher is a girl.
- Amin, MA
Of course. Females play baseball in little league. There are two in this year's Little League World Series. If she's good enough, why not?
- LeftyPitcher15, CA
If a girl is good enough, she should absolutely play in the majors. I don't think there's any rule against it, so if a girl is good enough, she should be able to.
- Andrew, CA
Yes, I think girls should be allowed to play in the MLB if they are good enough. There's one playing in Japan already, so why shouldn't they here?
- Robert, MI
Yes I think it would be a good idea to try it, but I wouldn't want to be that woman player. First off all the other players would pick on you. Second off, I think some pitchers would hit you on purpose. Also I don't know how female players would adapt to the baseball pitching. (Compared to the underhand pitching in softball)
- BigBaseball7, MI
Absolutely! Women are just as good as men in a lot of cases, and if they help a team more than a man, then play her!
- Joel, PA
No, I do not think a woman should be allowed into the MLB. Why don't they just make a women’s league?
- Matthew, OH
I like that Matthew was honest, but I have to agree with the majority on this one. No matter who you are, if you’re good enough to play, I think you should be able to. It wasn’t so long ago that baseball was an all-white sport. Now we have players of many races and from all over the world. Giving a talented female the chance to play seems like the next step to me.
- The Brain
The SI Kids staff, which includes a Mets fan, a Cubs fan and two Orioles fans, is great at complaining about their favorite baseball team’s failures. But I want to know:
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