Brian Yancelson

San Antonio Hosts World Deaf Swimming Championships

world deaf swimming championships

More than 130 swimmers from 22 countries participated in the week-long World Deaf Swimming Championships in San Antonio, Texas, in mid-August. Currently in its fourth year, the international event, which is separate from the Deaf Olympics, is one of a few designed only for swimmers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Rene Massengale, who works with USA Deaf Swimming and is a parent of a competitor, appreciates that there is a special event like this.

“We’re so thrilled to be able to see the athletes come together,” says Massengale. “Just seeing them want to learn each other’s language, want to support each other, is just a life-changing experience for them. Often times they are the only deaf swimmer on their teams back home, so to be on an entire team of deaf athletes who know what’s it’s like, who know the challenges, is very special for them.”

For many of these athletes, it is an honor to be able to compete, and they want people to know events like these do exist.
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Fantasy Football 2015: Daily Fantasy Strategies

  • Fantasy Fix
  • Michael Beller
  • September 2, 2015, 10:39 AM

fantasy football 2015 daily strategy marshawn lynch

Chances are you’ll be delving into the daily fantasy pool at some point this season. Popularity of the games has taken off over the last year, evidenced by the ubiquity of their commercials during sports programming. There’s no way to guarantee success in such leagues, but there are a handful of strategies that can eliminate the guesswork from the equation.

All prices referenced are for Week 1 games on FanDuel. 

It All Starts With Stars

Every daily fantasy lineup will be able to handle at least a pair of star players, defined here as anyone who costs $8,000 or more (33 such players in Week 1). There may be weeks where you go the full stars-and-scrubs route, and squeeze in four of those players, and there could be others where you find a balance that allows you the luxury of getting a third superstar on your roster, but you’ll be able to get a minimum of two into each lineup, regardless of format. When I’m filling out my lineups, typically the first players I select are the ones who will be the backbone of my team.
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Maxwell Surprenant

Inside Sankaty Head Caddie Camp, the Oldest Caddie Camp in America

  • Kid Reporter
  • Maxwell Surprenant
  • September 1, 2015, 3:31 PM

sankaty head caddie camp

For nine weeks every summer, 60 boys call Sankaty Head Golf Course on Nantucket Island their home. These boys have the privilege of attending Sankaty Head Caddie Camp, the last residential caddie camp in the country.

Sankaty Camp has been running 85 years without any interruption. It opened in 1930 when there were a lot of caddie camps around the country. Slowly, though, they began shutting down. World War II required young men to fight, and after the war clubs could not afford to keep them open. 

But Sankaty has stayed in operation. "This camp exists because membership believes in it,” says camp director David Hinman. It costs $400,000 to run the camp, and the funding comes from member donations. 
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Difference Makers: Zach Morgan Turned a Hobby Into a Way to Give Back

difference makers zach morgan lidz for kidz

Moved by an ad for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, eight-year-old Zach Morgan wanted to help. An avid sports fan and baseball cap collector, the Louisiana native decided to hand out hats to those who need them most: kids who lose their hair during chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Zach partnered with a children's hospital in the Baton Rouge area on a hat drive, handing the caps out at a pizza party. Now, two years later, that initiative has blossomed into Zach's Lidz for Kidz, a full-fledged non-profit charity. The focus of the organization is still providing caps for kids who need them — it's distributed 2,800 hats so far — but Lidz for Kidz now does much more than the name suggests.
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Evan Bergen-Epstein

Seahawks Primed for Third-Straight Trip to Super Bowl

seattle seahawks 2015 training camp

Russell Wilson threw a check-down pass to Robert Turbin during a seven-on-seven drill at Seahawks training camp on August 19. Turbin escaped a linebacker and blew past corner Richard Sherman. Sherman didn’t give up on the play, though. Before being forced out of bounds, he poked the ball from Turbin’s grasp. Safety Earl Thomas immediately went up to praise Sherman for delivering the message that can be heard echoing from every Seahawks facility:  Earn everything.

After their narrow defeat in Super Bowl XLIX, the Seahawks are looking for a third straight NFC title. Thanks to a highly productive off-season of locking up current stars as well as adding new threats, the franchise may have its deepest and most talented roster yet. The road to Super Bowl 50 will again run right through Seattle.
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Fantasy Football 2015: Under-the-Radar Players Worth a Look

fantasy football 2015 under the radar maclin

Every fantasy owner will have players they rate much higher, and much lower, than their average ranking. Quite often, being right or wrong on those players can make or break an owner’s season. With that in mind, here are the players I like far more than the rest of the fantasy world heading into the 2015 season.

One quick note before we head off to our deserted locale: I want to cover new ground in this column. Therefore, you won’t be reading anything on why I believe Colin Kaepernick and Tyler Eifert, for example, are blatantly undervalued.

Jeremy Maclin (my ranking: 34, ADP: 60.2)

I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a receiver coming off a top-10 season go into the next year with an ADP that places him outside the top-25 receivers, but that’s Maclin’s reality. The new Chief’s ADP makes him the 26th receiver off the board in a typical 12-team draft, right behind Sammy Watkins and Jarvis Landry, and just ahead of Nelson Agholor. Maclin appears to be paying for the sins of the receivers who came before him in Kansas City, and that’s a serious mistake being made by the market right now. Yes, this team got zero receiving touchdowns from its receivers last year, and Alex Smith is not the most risk-taking quarterback in the league. There are, however, two unavoidable truths regarding that infamous record.
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Japan Wins Little League World Series!

little league world series 2015 japan

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (AP) — With more than 42,000 fans cheering against them, the Tokyo players found themselves down eight runs in the first inning of the Little League championship game against Lewisberry, Pennsylvania.

That brought out manager Junji Hidaka's inner Yogi Berra and sparked a record rally that saw the Kitasua Little League pound out 22 hits in an 18-11 comeback victory in a battle of undefeated teams.

"I told the players it doesn't end until it ends," Hidaka said through a translator.
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