I Faced My Fears Contest Winner

Posted: April 18, 2013, 10:32 AM ; Updated: May 29, 2013, 10:30 AM

The winning entry of the I Faced My Fears Contest was submitted by Michael, age 10 from New York.

Read Michael's winning entry:

This is my essay on how I overcame my fear of hitting in baseball. The key was positive thinking to help me with my fear.  The main part of the fear was that the ball would hit me in the arm or leg HARD! However, positive thoughts wiped it out of my head. I thought positively that I would not get hurt, which means I thought about the good things, not the bad things. One good thing is to get a good hit and score or get an RBI and help my team win. As a result, I got a great hit. It was a triple, which made two players score runs and I got two RBI's. That result helped my team and me. Some things I did were to stay in the box, focus and make contact with the ball. All this helped my team a lot. I learned that if you're in a scary situation and you think positively, you have a higher chance of something good happening. You can use positive thinking in everything you do like school. This concludes my essay on facing my fear.

Congratulations to Michael! The prizes included a Nintendo 3DS system, the brand new Nintendo Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon game and four tickets to a regular season local sports game. Make sure you keep checking SIKids.com for more great contests!

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Probably t ball

I did not win but great job Michael your essay was awesome.

very well said. I had always had the fear of the ball until it hit me (literally) and I got mad. I saw the baseball coming at me at my next game and I smashed it out of anger. It went into a small lake across another field and I felt good. That was a very well written essay Michael!

does anyone know how these other kids become kid reporters?

yes they entered an entervue with sikids they have one this october or december I think

I entered too but I didn't win either.Great job Micheal!

I entered a reading contest and won 10000 dollars!!


yea right dude what was the reading contest called then?

Good thinking!

Awesome! Great job! I entered the contest too, but I didn't win...

same here and no

Why would you say that?!Do You Want To Get Embarrassed?!

thank you such


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