Top 10 Small Athletes: #4 Dustin Pedroia

Posted: October 7, 2009, 4:15 PM ; Updated: October 7, 2009, 5:04 PM

It seems as if we're in the era of the supersized middle infielder. Just look at the size of guys like Hanley Ramirez, Derek Jeter, Chase Urley, Troy Tulowitzki, and Ian Kinsler. They're all at least 6-feet tall, and all at least 200 pounds.

Then there's Dustin Pedroia. If you believe his listed height -- 5' 9" -- then Pedroia isn't even eligible for our countdown. But anyone who has seen Pedroia knows that he's 5' 6", or 5' 7" tops!

Of course, that lack of size has done nothing to hold him back. All Pedroia has done in three big league seasons is win American League MVP (2008), AL Rookie of the Year (2007), and a World Series ring (2007).

Pedroia is downright gritty on the field. He's nearly impossible to strike out, and he packs some surprising pop in that small frame. His 137 extra-base hits over the past two seasons, is tied for fourth-most in the American League during that span. Defensively, he doesn't have the strongest arm in the majors, but he's always willing to stand in against a take-out slide to turn a double play.

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Tigers are the best

redsoxs stink
go cardinals

Tigers are beter

RedSox are the best! Go Pedroia!!!!!!!!!!

Go Boston Sox

stike three

Hey y are u sayin wat the umpire says 2 u

Dustin is the best.(besides Joe Mauer.)

short people can not beat the Yankees because they are #1


Ya ok keep talkin to ur imaginary friend!

Dustin is a little guy with great power.

No way dude red sox are the bomb.

Dustin is so cool! He isn't my favorite player, but he is awesome!


Dustin Pedroia is AMAZING!!!!!!!! He is awesome! Go Red Sox!

Red sox stink:( go yankees!:)

I agree SnowboardingSpe... He is awesome! My mom loves the Red Sox! Go Sox!



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