About Us

SIKIDS.COM is the online counterpart to Sports Illustrated For Kids magazine. The site changes from day to day, and even from minute to minute, but our goal stays the same:

We aim to create a fun, safe environment for kids, filled with some of the best news, games, and interactive features on the internet. If it's not cool, it's not on our site. If it is, we've included plenty of places where you can click to tell us about it.

If you're a kid, consider this site yours. And if you're an adult, well, let your kid back on the computer!


The SIKIDS.COM staff works alongside the Sports Illustrated Kids magazine staff, sharing ideas at the Time and Life Building in New York City. Reporters and editors for the magazine regularly write stories and pass along scoops to the website.

Here's a look at the people who put together SIKIDS.COM:


Managing Editor, SI.com: Paul Fichtenbaum
Managing Editor: Mark Bechtel
Creative Director: Beth Power Bugler
Digital Editor: Dante A. Ciampaglia
Director of Photography: Marguerite Schropp Lucarelli
Senior Editor: Elizabeth McGarr McCue
Associate Editors: Sam Page, Christina Tapper
Reporter-Writer: Lauren Shute


Director, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships: Bob Schrumpf
Senior Manager: Marilyn Goldman


Bill Hinds


Web Developer: Cristin Williamson
Web Developer: Tim Paige

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