Top 10 Small Athletes in Sports

If you think you have to be 7-feet tall or 300 pounds to make it in the sports world, think again.

When it comes to sports, everyone always assumes that bigger is better. But we at decided it's time the little guys get their due.

We'll be counting down the Top 10 small athletes in the world today. Each of these athletes is either below average height when compared to the rest of the world (shorter than 5' 9" for men, 5' 3" for women) or star in a sport like basketball, where everyone in the league is especially tall.

They might not stand tall, but these 10 stars prove that big things can come in little packages...




























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Haha so true! Horses are great, but they're strong. A jockey would be the best choice.

alex OVechkin is # 1 am I right??

yae he rocks

what about arod?

a rod is to tall and a drug besides anyt body who plays for the yankees should be on any list. accept for worst athlete or most druged

AceAce9883: A-Roid is a drughead, he would stink w/o them


Tim Lincecum

#7 is Martian St. Louis.

Pedroia (i dont know if thats how you spell his name) is at least in the top 3

Wheres LT
C`mon how small do you have to be his 5`8

What about Darren Sporoles?!?!

Ya Pedroia has got to be #1

no way!!!!!!!!!

nice people selected

BOOM Go little dude I Like Cheese

What about J-Rol ????????????????????????????????????????????????

Don't forget Tim Thomas!!!!

Who is he? Geekslammer

Pedroia's gotta be in there somewhere. What about Lincecum and Pedro Martinez? They should be there too!

Pedroia! Pedroia! It's Pedroia! Pedroia has to be #1 right?

NO dree brees is #1

what about ben gordon?

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