Top 10 Small Athletes in Sports

If you think you have to be 7-feet tall or 300 pounds to make it in the sports world, think again.

When it comes to sports, everyone always assumes that bigger is better. But we at decided it's time the little guys get their due.

We'll be counting down the Top 10 small athletes in the world today. Each of these athletes is either below average height when compared to the rest of the world (shorter than 5' 9" for men, 5' 3" for women) or star in a sport like basketball, where everyone in the league is especially tall.

They might not stand tall, but these 10 stars prove that big things can come in little packages...




























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hows pedroia not #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's pretty tall!

and isn't ovechkin like 6 foot 3. He's way too big to make this list.

That isn't ovechkin!!

Pedroia all the way. He should have been number1

lionel messi!

I think u 4got a 5 foot gold medalist: Shawn Johnson!
If ur gonna make that mistake, put Ovenckin at no.1!

Noel Devine RB for West Virginia

Kryptonite Nate!

That was staged

Nate Robinson=BEAST

nate robinson should b #1

Nate Robinson=feast for other teams

What about Shawn Johnson shes like 5ft and won Gold at the Olympics


Rokie of the year

Mark sanchez is 1#!

sanchez smells like raw eggs that have been farted on

Mark Sanchez is NO 1#

Yeah Mark Sanchez is gonna be a legend

they are small

Darren Sproles should be #1!!!!!!!!!

Pedroia All Out Stud hes #1

What about Pedroia

Totally dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drew Breese is AMAZING!

Brees is like 5 foot 7

duh i just kicked tom brady of my fantasy football team for him

Pedroia #1

Of course its Dustin you guys.

It has to be a jockey!!!! I mean it makes the most sense.

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